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GO anonymous CVS

Mike Cherry cherry at genome.Stanford.EDU
Sun Oct 14 01:14:30 PDT 2001


Anonymous access to the Gene Ontology CVS repository is now available.

CVS provides an easy way for you to keep a local copy of the GO
projects open source and data files.  If you are currently accessing
the GO ftp site regularly you will likely want to switch to using the
anonymous CVS server.  This way you do not need to check file dates to
find which files have changed.  You just need to issue one update
command and your copy of the repository is compared and updated if a
new version of a file is available.

The first time you access the GO repository, you will need to be in a
location WITHOUT a subdirectory called go. You might find it useful to
create a directory gocvs as in the example below.

cd gocvs
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at login
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at checkout go

The login command will ask for a password - just press return. The
checkout command will retrieve all directories and files contained in
the repository.  Currently the entire repository requires about 100
MB.  To update all files of the repository you would do this:

cd gocvs/go
cvs -z3 update -d

You can update a specific part of the repository by moving into that
directory and issuing the following command:

cd gocvs/go/ontology
cvs -z3 update

The -d flag is to add any new directories added to the repository.
There are no subdirectories, at this time, to the ontology directory.

The anonymous CVS repository is read only thus you will not be able to
check in or commit any changes.  If you have changes that you would
like to commit please contact one of the collaborating groups or send
a message to go at

This anonymous cvs for go is updated daily from the master GO cvs


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