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GO evidence code usage questions

Zhiyong Lu Zhiyong.Lu at
Wed May 18 12:07:59 PDT 2005

Dear GO friends,

I'd like to share some data we collected about GO annotations with
you, and ask a few related questions of the annotators.  

The lab where I work is looking at the relationships between pubmed
entries (mostly abstracts) and various kinds of annotations.  I looked
at the human gene records in Entrez Gene (as of Jan 19, 2005) to see
which had GO annotations that were associated with a specific PubMed
ID.   Looking at that data by evidence code turned up some interesting
phenomena, and I was wondering of any of the annotators (or anybody
else) had any comments about them. 

Here's the data:

code   w/PMID        %w      w/o      %w/o   total    
IMP       228      98.3%       4      1.7%     232      
ND         68       5.9%    1080     94.1%    1148     
ISS       572      31.1%    1269     68.9%    1841     
TAS     17180      99.9%      22      0.1%   17202    
IC        104      96.3%       4      3.7%     108      
IGI        14     100.0%       0      0.0%      14       
NR          8       0.4%    1858     99.6%    1866     
IEP       175     100.0%       0      0.0%     175      
IEA       872       2.2%   38373     97.8%   39245    
NAS      4660      74.8%    1572     25.2%    6232     
IPI       402      99.3%       3      0.7%     405      
IDA      1959      99.8%       3      0.2%    1962     
total   26242      37.3%   44188     62.7%   70430   

w/PMID means the number (or %) of annotations with that evidence code
which are associated with a specific pubmed id. "w/o" means not
associated with a specific pubmed id.

My questions are:

 1. How can it be that 22 "traceable author statements" are not
    associated with a PMID? 

 2. Why are so many "nontraceable author statements" (nearly 75%)
    associated with a PMID?  What is the association?  Might I expect
    to find a statement justifying the annotation in the article? 

 3. Why are so many (nearly 1000) "inferred by electronic annotation"
    annotations associated with a pubmed id?  What in an article would
    trigger an IEA code rather than some other evidence code? 

Thanks very much!

Zhiyong Lu
Center for Computational Pharmacology
University of Colorado

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