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[gofriends] transporter activity

Jennifer Deegan (nee Clark) jdeegan at
Tue Jul 3 05:19:15 PDT 2007

Dear GO-Friends,

The transporter activity working group has been working recently to 
overhaul the terms in the function ontology under transporter activity. 
We have been carrying out the work on a branch of the ontology file and 
we have now finished the high level changes. These changes have been 
committed back to the live repository today, and we will continue with 
the more detailed changes in the coming weeks.

In addition to a large number of changes to existing terms, we have also 
added a number of new terms, and these are listed below. If you see any 
problems with the file, or if you have any suggestions on how we can 
improve the terms, then please do get in touch. All feedback is very 
much appreciated.

Thanks, and best wishes,

Jennifer Deegan nee Clark
GO Curator

On behalf of the transporter activity working group:
Val Wood, Michelle Gwinn, Ian Paulsen, Jennifer Deegan.

New Terms

GO:0022803  passive transporter activity
GO:0022804 active transporter activity
GO:0022809 mobile ion carrier activity
GO:0022810 membrane potential driven uniporter activity
GO:0022814 facilitated diffusion
GO:0022815 large uncharged polar molecule transporter activity
GO:0022816 sodium ion transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022817 potassium ion transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022818 sodium ion uniporter activity
GO:0022819 potassium ion uniporter activity
GO:0022820 potassium ion symporter activity
GO:0022821 potassium ion antiporter activity
GO:0022824 transmitter-gated ion channel activity
GO:0022825 copper-exporting ATPase activity
GO:0022828 phosphorylation-gated channel activity
GO:0022829 wide pore channel activity
GO:0022831 narrow pore, gated channel activity
GO:0022832 voltage-gated channel activity
GO:0022833 mechanically gated channel activity
GO:0022834 ligand-gated channel activity
GO:0022835 transmitter-gated channel activity
GO:0022836 gated channel activity
GO:0022838 substrate specific channel activity
GO:0022839 ion gated channel activity
GO:0022840 leak channel activity
GO:0022841 potassium ion leak channel activity
GO:0022842 narrow pore channel activity
GO:0022843 voltage-gated cation channel activity
GO:0022844 voltage-gated anion channel activity
GO:0022848 acetylcholine-gated cation channel activity
GO:0022849 glutamate-gated calcium ion channel activity
GO:0022850 serotonin-gated cation channel activity
GO:0022851 GABA-gated chloride ion channel activity
GO:0022852 glycine-gated chloride ion channel activity
GO:0022853 active ion transmembrane transporter
GO:0022854 active large uncharged polar molecule transporter activity
GO:0022855 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-glucose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022856 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-sorbitol phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022857 transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022858 alanine transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022859 dephosphorylation-gated channel activity
GO:0022865 transmembrane electron transfer carrier
GO:0022866 transmembrane 1-electron transfer carrier
GO:0022867 transmembrane 2-electron transfer carrier
GO:0022869 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-lactose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022870 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-mannose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022871 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-sorbose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022872 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-mannitol phosphotransferase 
system transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022873 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-maltose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022874 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-cellobiose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022875 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-galactitol phosphotransferase 
system transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022876 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-galactosamine 
phosphotransferase system transporter activity
GO:0022877 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-fructose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022878 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-sucrose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022879 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-trehalose phosphotransferase 
system transporter activity
GO:0022880 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-N-acetylglucosamine 
phosphotransferase system transporter activity
GO:0022881 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-N-acetylgalactosamine 
phosphotransferase system transporter activity
GO:0022882 protein-N(PI)-phosphohistidine-beta-glucoside 
phosphotransferase system transporter activity
GO:0022883 zinc efflux transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022884 macromolecule transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022885 bacteriocin transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022886 channel-forming ionophore activity
GO:0022889 serine transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022890 inorganic cation transporter activity
GO:0022891 substrate-specific transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022892 substrate-specific transporter activity
GO:0022893 low-affinity tryptophan transmembrane transporter activity
GO:0022894 Intermediate conductance calcium-activated potassium channel 
GO:0022897 proton-dependent peptide secondary active transmembrane 
transporter activity
GO:0022898 regulation of transmembrane transporter activity

Jennifer Deegan (nee Clark)
EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute
Gene Ontology Consortium

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