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[liberationtech] I LOVE technology, but WI WI WI WI WI WI WI WI WI WI WI

Peter Lindener lindener.peter at
Sat Apr 9 20:24:04 PDT 2011

   Sheila -

I guess I am also a little perplexed.......would it be Ok if Ballots were
signed using Digital ECC electronic signatures to further validate there
true authenticity in terms of each ballots content?..

   Would it then be Ok if there were a computer program would check for the
validity of each Ballot contained in the elections Ballot collection file,
that contains exactly on validated Ballot per voter?....and then If one
would like print out a copy of ever Ballot Tallied in the election?.....
would having more than one redundant copy of these ballot collections be that any one who chooses could count them up for them
self....without in any way compromising the proper record of the full Ballot

    I personal would also choose to Tally this Ballot Collection file with
my Computer....  But you are certainly welcome to add them up from Paper
Ballots, by hand if you would like........   I would have to concure that
someting must be wrong... if your results disagrees with the Totals I would
compute...after all we are talking about the same calculation are we not?

   All the Best

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 2:06 PM, Sheila Parks <sheilaruthparks at>wrote:

> Dear David,
> I am so sorry for my delay in answering you
> I was out all morning at a meeting and tied up with WI the rest of the day
> I will answer you, I promise. I have a few more calls to make and then I am
> going out again
> Sheila
> At 03:21 PM 4/9/2011, David Jandura wrote:
>> Thank you Peter,
>> Shelia, I'm not sure why you were offended by my statement that clearly
>> was not written in a way to insult anybody.   Calling something an
>> administrative issue is not ignoring the role of technology (be it computers
>> or paper), but noting that how people use it is the most important factor.
>>  How is running out of ballot paper - whether intentional or not - not the
>> result of poor election administration? Elections have been conducted both
>> poorly and well, for a long time in a large variety of environments.  I'm
>> merely saying that using one type of technology as the sole independent
>> variable for explaining this variation is overlooking a lot of other
>> factors.
>> David
>> ________________________________________
>> From: Peter Lindener [lindener.peter at]
>> Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 4:46 PM
>> To: Sheila Parks
>> Cc: David Jandura; liberationtech at
>> Subject: Re: [liberationtech] I LOVE technology, but WI WI WI WI WI WI WI
>> Sheila -
>>   I think Dave is spot on,   Digital systems tend to further extend the
>> what one is already doing in some if the system is broken putting
>> its Information Process into a Computer would leave it that way......   I do
>> think this is a mater of clear cut, orderly administration.... the Advantage
>> with using a computer to do it, is that once one manages to fully secure the
>> ends to stay that way......   I.e one does not need to worry
>> that next time it will somehow be different......  Once programmed into the
>> systems It is very cheap to do full very though auditing, that one needs to
>> only program once.......
>>   -Peter
>> On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 1:22 PM, Sheila Parks <sheilaruthparks at
>> <mailto:sheilaruthparks at>> wrote:
>> I have just come in and merely glanced at all emails, except this last
>> one, that I am reading now. I will read the others later
>> Assuming you have seen and are following what is going on in WI about the
>> Supreme Court election and its RIGGING,
>> To call it an "administrative issue" is simply just plain wrong, not only
>> in WI now, but everywhere
>> Furthermore, to make such a statement without offering what you mean by it
>> is an insult to all of us or should we just take your word for it?
>> Had the election been a secure (meaning ballot custody before during and
>> after) hand-counted ballots one in all jurisdictions, this could not have
>> been happening
>> I am interested in what those of you who like e-voting machines and/or see
>> no danger in them think about what is going on in WI now with the election I
>> mentioned above
>> You are aware, I trust that they "ran out of ballots" and many voters had
>> to vote on DRE's, with no paper trail,
>> Sheila
>> At 02:13 PM 4/8/2011, David Jandura wrote:
>> While we should make every effort to measure the impact of introducing new
>> technology into any process, I think there is a tendency to overstate its
>> effect in any direction.  Technology is a tool, not an independent actor.
>>  In most situations, technology amplifies intent; both deficiencies and
>> capabilities will become more apparent. Election fraud is fundamentally an
>> administrative issue.
>> David
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> Sheila Parks, Ed.D.
> Founder
> Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots
> Belmont, MA 02478
> 617-932-1424
> sheila at
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