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[liberationtech] CALL FOR AUTHORS: Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics by Dr. Kerric Harvey

Yosem Companys companys at
Tue Aug 7 14:16:46 PDT 2012

From: Lisbeth Rogers [mailto:politics at]


We are inviting academic editorial contributors to the *Encyclopedia of
Social Media and Politics*, a new 2-volume reference to be published by CQ
Press/SAGE Reference in 2013.

*Please see the list of topics currently available for assignment following
this message below*

Social media are revolutionizing and galvanizing politics in the United
States and around the world. Old modes and methods of political
communication from elites to the masses (top down) and from the masses to
elites (bottom up) are being rapidly displaced by new social media, and
activists are building new movements and protests using social media to
alter mainstream political agendas.

Members of Congress now routinely turn to Twitter to spar with partisan
opponents or broadcast messages to constituents, and use YouTube to post
their latest campaign advertisements.

The power of social media in politics is not isolated to the United States.

In the popular uprisings triggered by the Arab Spring social media have
played an enormous part in the organizing of protests and keeping dissident
voices from being completely stifled by repressive regimes, despite
attempts by those regimes to restrict access to the Internet and social
media platforms or technologies. In approximately 400 signed articles, this
2-volume reference work will cover the phenomenon of social media and
politics in an A-to-Z format.

* *

This comprehensive project will be published by CQ Press/SAGE Reference and
will be marketed to academic and public libraries as a print and digital
product available to students via the library's electronic services. The
General Editor, who will be reviewing each submission to the project, is
Dr. Kerric Harvey, Center for Innovative Media, George Washington

We are currently making assignments with a deadline for submissions of
November 1, 2012.

If you are interested in contributing to this cutting-edge reference, it is
a unique opportunity to contribute to the contemporary literature,
redefining sociological issues in today's terms. Moreover, it can be a
notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden your publishing
credits. CQ Press/SAGE Publications offers an honorarium ranging from SAGE
book credits for smaller articles up to a free set of the printed product
for contributions totaling 10,000 words or more.

The list of topics currently available for assignment (including
word counts) follows below.  Please note: this is not the complete list of
topics, only the topics that are currently available.

If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference
with the *Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics*, please contact me by
the e-mail information below. Please provide a brief summary of your
academic/publishing credentials in related disciplines. I will provide you
with the submission guidelines as well as a sample article for your review.

Thanks very much.

Lisbeth Rogers
Author Manager
politics at

 Topics currently available for assignment (including word counts): (Twitter campaigns)  800
 2000 Congressional Campaigns  1,800
 2002 Congressional Campaigns  1,800
 2004 Congressional Campaigns  2,200
 2004 Presidential Campaigns  2,200
 2006 Congressional Campaigns  3,000
 2008 Congressional Campaigns  5,000
 2008 Presidential Campaigns  5,000
 2012 Campaigns  6,000
 Activists and Activism  4,500
 Addiction, Social Media  1,200
 Aggregation  1,200
 Alpha Blogger  1,200
 American Debt Crisis (and Twitter)  2,200
 Anonoblog  800
 Artists and Social Media in Politics  2,800
 Audience Fragmentation/Segmentation  2,200
 Bahrain (social media, unrest)  2,200
 Berkman Center (Harvard)  1,200
 Blog storm  800
 Blog Syndication  800
 Blogosphere  800
 Blogs  3,500
 Blood Sport Campaigns  1,200
 Bookmarking  800
 Bottom-Up Campaigns  1,800
 Bounce Back (technical)  1,000
 Bounce Back effect (cultural)  1,200
 Buzz Creation  1,000
 Campaigns, Digital  3,000
 Campaigns, Email  1,200
 Campaigns, Grassroot  3,000
 Campaigns, Organizing  3,000
 Campaigns, Virtual  2,200
 Cantor, Eric  2,200
 Cause-Marketing Campaigns  1,800
 Center for Civic Media  800
 Center for Innovative Media (GWU)  800
 Center for International Media Assistance   800
 Chaffetz, Jason  2,200
 Chartered Institute of Public Relations Social Media Guidelines  1,000
 Civil Rights  2,200
 Clickable Calls to Action  800
 Click-Through Rate  800
 Cloud Computing  800
 Coattail Effect  1,000
 Coburn, Tom  2,200
 Code Pink  1,000
 Cognitive Surplus  1,200
 Communication  2,200
 Constituency  3,000
 Constituent Relations Manager  800
 Content Communities  800  800
 Cultivation  1,000
 Cyber-Vigilantism  800
 Cyclical message strategy (Julielyn Gibbons)  1,200
 Cynicism, Political  1,000
 Data Mining  800
 Debate (via social media)  2,200
 Decoy Campaign Websites  1,000  800
 Deliverability  1,200
 DeMint, Jim  2,200
 Demonstrations, Organizing  1,800
 Digerati  800
 Digital Cultures Research Centre  800
 Durbin, Richard J.  2,200
 Earned Media  800
 Edgerank  800
 Education, Issues In  3,000
 Ellmers, Renee  2,200
 Embedding  800
 Engagement Advertising  1,200
 Engagement Features  1,000
 E-Voter Institute  800
 Fan page  800
 FAX Machine and Tiananmen Square Crisis  1,200
 Feedreader  800
 Findability  800
 Fleming, John  2,200
 Flickr  800
 Forbes, J. Randy  2,200
 Forecasting Elections (social media data)  3,000
 Foreign Policy  3,000
 Friendster  1,100
 Fund Raising  2,200
 Geo-Locational Enabling  800
 Geotagging  800
 Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Drives  1,800
 Ghost Blogging  800
 Grassley, Chuck  2,200
 Gutierrez, Luis V.  2,200
 Hacktivism  800
 Hagan, Kay  2,200
 Haloscan  800
 Hard Place Theatre  800  800
 Healthcare  2,200
 Honeycomb Framework  800  800
 Hoyer, Steny  2,200
 I Am Gonna Be Your Friend Campaign  800
 I Am Second Movement  800
 Immersive Journalism  1,200
 Immigration  2,200
 Inferring Sentiment  800
 Influence on Elections  3,000
 Information Aggregation  1,000
 Informationalized Nations Versus Industrialized Nations  2,200
 Innovation and Technology 5,000
 Inouye, Dan  2,200
 Instant Messengers, IRC, ICQ  800
 Institutional Cabling  800
 International Social Media and Politics (regional world overview)  4,000
 International Online Communities  5,000
 Internet gathering (online protest)  1,800
 Issa, Darrell  2,200
 Klout Score  1,200
 LGBT Rights  1,800
 Libya (social media, unrest)  2,200
 Lieberman, Joe  2,200
 List Cleaning/Scrubbing/Pruning  800
 Lobbyists  2,800
 Luddite  800
 McCarthy, Kevin  2,200
 McConnell, Mitch  2,200
 McCotter, Thaddeus  2,200
 Media and Communications Policy (Sterling)  1,000
 Medicare  1,200
 Meltwater Group/Meltwater Election Buzz  1,000
 Membership Communications Project (data aggregation project)  1,200
 Meme Mapping  800
 Menendez, Robert  2,200
 Meta-Data  800
 Microfinance Initiatives  1,800
 MIT Media Lab  800
 Mobile/Smart Phone Messaging  1,200  800
 Moblogging  800
 Morozov Principle  1,200
 Multiple (social media campaign aid)  800
 Multiple Leveraging  1,200
 Nation of Islam Movement  1,000
 Near Me Tabs and Political Protests  800
 Network Influentials  1,200
 Networks, Political  3,000
 News Media  2,200
 Obama for America iPhone Application  800
 Online Smear Campaigns (2008)  1,200
 Open Dems  800
 Open Rate  800
 Opposition Videographer  800
 Outparty Innovation Incentives   800
 Over-Building  800
 Parallel Modeling  1,200
 Peer to Peer  800
 Pelosi, Nancy  2,200
 Pence, Mike  2,200
 Personalization  1,000
 Phishing, Political  800
 Picasa  800
 PICON Principle  1,000
 Pioneers in Social Media and Politics  3,000
 Platform  800
 Polis, Jared  2,200
 Political Base  1,800
 Political Parties (compare social media use)  2,200
 Politico  800
 Politics, Impulse  1,200
 Polling  2,800
 Portman, Rob  2,200
 Poverty  1,800
 Predictive Analytics  1,800
 Price, Tom  2,200
 Privacy  1,800
 Professional bloggers
 (Problogger, Mediabistro, Journalism Jobs)  1,200
 Proxy Measurements  1,000
 Psychographics   1,200
 Public Diplomacy Institute (GWU)  800
 Real-Time Communication Nodes  1,000
 Return on Investment  1,800
 Rich Media Ad   800
 Robin Hood Foundation  800
 RSS Feeds  800
 Ryan, Paul   2,200
 Sanders, Bernie  2,200
 Schools4All  800
 Schumer, Charles  2,200
 Search and Scrape Capability (FBI plan)  1,200
 Search Engine Optimization  800
 Secondhand Political Engagement  1,400
 Shirky Principle, The  1,000
 Shot at Life Campaign  800
 Signal Blocking  800
 Skunk Ops  1,200
 Snowball Effect  1,200
 Social Good Summit (September 22, 2011)  1,000
 Social Networking Websites (overview)  3,000
 Social Security  1,800
 Spanish 15M Movement  1,000
 Spending and Debt, Government  2,200
 Sponsored Listings  800
 Streaming Media  800
 StumbleUpon  800
 Superconnected  800
 Survey Monkey  800
 Syria (social media, unrest)  2,200
 Take the Pledge  800
 Taxes  1,800
 Technology Diffusion Paradigm (Joel Achenbach article)  1,200
 Technology Steward  800
 Television and Social Media  2,200
 Television Personalities and Social
 Media in Politics  3,000
 Terrorism  1,800
 Third Palestinian Intifada  1,000
 Thune, John  2,200  800
 Trackback  800
 Transparency  1,200
 Trendrr  800
 Truth Team  800
 Truthout  800
 Truthy Research Project (Indiana University)  1,000
 Tunisia (social media, unrest)  2,500
 Twestival  800  800
 Ubicomp  800
 Udall, Mark  2,200
 UGC (User Generated Content)  1,000
 Unemployment  2,200
 United States (social media, unrest)  3,500
 Viralocity  800
 Vitter, David  2,200
 Vlogging  800
 Voter Apathy  1,000
 Voter Demographics  2,200
 Voter Turnout (social media's impact)  1,800
 Warm Traffic  800
 Warner, Mark  2,200
 Web Mapping and Online Politics  1,800
 Wikis and Collaborative Project Websites   1,000
 World Can't Wait  800
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