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[liberationtech] Intro + a selection of recent links

Gregory Foster gfoster at
Sat Mar 3 14:03:28 PST 2012

Hello all,
I just found out about this list via Yosem Companys (thank you!).  As a 
brief introduction, I geek with Consumer Reports where I'm leading 
development of a storytelling & organizing platform for individuals & 
organizations; I'm on the board of the unaffiliated EFF Austin [1] which 
has been around since Steve Jackson Games was raided by the Secret 
Service [2] (EFF's "first high-profile case" [3]); lately I'm keeping an 
eye on the skies (and the seas [4], and the shores [5]) as the drones 
come home to roost; I also track the beating of the 
cybersecurity/cyberwar drum (as Brito & Watkins [6] put it so well).  I 
apologize in advance should I find myself behind the curve of this 
list's etiquette and cultural norms.

[1] EFF Austin "Supporting Digital Freedom in Texas since 1990":
[2] SJ Games vs. the Secret Service:
[4] US Naval Postgraduate School - "Ethical Behavior in Lethal 
Autonomous Systems Expert Lectures at NPS":
[5] US Army Research Laboratory - Robotics:
[6] Mercatus Center (Apr 26) - "Loving the Cyber Bomb? The Dangers of 
Threat Inflation in Cybersecurity Policy" by Jerry Brito & Tate Watkins:

Not wanting to arrive empty-handed, I could use some feedback on whether 
these items are appropriate fare for the list:

Fox News (Mar 2) - "Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences 
people mid-sentence"
Includes link to paper [7]; HT @ThamerSalman [8]:

[7] "SpeechJammer: A System Utilizing Artificial Speech Disturbance with 
Delayed Auditory Feedback" by Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada:

FCC (Mar 2) - "Filing by Operations & Emergency Management Division in 
12-52 (Mar 1)"
"Commission seeks comment on certain wireless service interruptions"; 
specifically, BART's cellphone shutdown tactic [9] deployed in advance 
of a planned protest; HT @pcvcolin [10]:

[9] @EFFAustin (Aug 14) - "Statement on San Francisco BART cellphone 
service shutdown":

@WikiLeaks #gifiles (Jun 1) - "Fwd: Re: US 'to view major cyber attacks 
as acts of war'"
In this internal Stratfor email published as part of WikiLeaks' #gifiles 
release [11], Bulgarian Internet pioneer and Internet governance 
official Veni Markovski [12] is consulted by Austin-based Stratfor [13] 
to provide perspective on purposefully leaked Pentagon statements that 
major acts of cyberwarfare can be met by kinetic attacks. The Stratfor 
analysts include two articles they had been debating internally, the 
first a WSJ piece by the notoriously uncritical though well-entrusted 
Siobhan Gorman [14].  Markovski makes an excellent point that, "if the 
US responds with conventional weapons, then under the current 
international conventions, it might be considered an aggressor - which 
is not the goal of the US, one could 

[11] WikiLeaks (Feb 27) - "The Global Intelligence Files":
[14] WSJ (Mar 30) - "Cyber Combat: Act of War" by Siobhan Gorman & 

Sadly, upon reviewing these links, perhaps they would be more 
appropriate for an "oppressiontech" list?  Interesting times indeed...

Thanks, and happy to be joining the dialogue -

Gregory Foster || gfoster at

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