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[liberationtech] Fwd: Presenting the new Lorea distribution: Foxglove

alex.hache alex.hache at
Thu Nov 8 02:50:21 PST 2012

sorry, I forgot in my previous email to refer to FoxGlove license and
the collaboration within the GNU social project,
i copy paste an email of one of the developers explaining this issue

*** One of the novelties in Foxglove is the license. Last February,
the Lorea Virtual Assembly decided to get closer to the GNU project,
and to release Lorea software under the AGPLv3+.

The GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or later, requires
users who want to modify the code to share the modified source with
their users over the network. It is often considered restrictive
because you have to share the modifications and provide a prominent
link to the source code for users to be able to choose whether or not
they want to use that code. But it only makes it more difficult for
people who hijack free software and include freedom-restrictive or
privacy-invasive modifications without the user's knowledge, and consent.

In a world in an unprecedented resource crisis, where rampant
surveillance and dispossession are growing business models to
transform our civilization into a society of control, the Lorea
Faeries find it increasingly important to support and guarantee users'
freedom, hence the choice of the AGPLv3+ for distributing Lorea
software. The AGPLv3+ ensures that we are indeed working for expanding
freedom, for all.

Another critical point for choosing the AGPLv3+ over any other
license, is that it helps recognizing free software as a specific
technology, a technology for building public infrastructure, such as
the Internet, and following the long practice among humans to share
culture and science.

We're still wrapping things up to be able to distribute a fully
AGPLv3+ software package, but you get the idea.



On 11/08/2012 12:04 AM, ttscanada wrote:
> Lorea came out of the M15 movement, to fill a need for communication
> during the first demonstrations in Spain in May 2011 and to link
> assembleas around the world. It was a patched together solution that
> went within days to tens of thousands of users (perhaps higher,
> numbers would require a look up I don't have time for, sorry,
> hopefully someone who works on it can give you an accurate
> background). It has been used extensively in Spain and other parts of
> Europe and elsewhere for networking, by the Indignados, Take the
> Square, some Occupy, etc. For those who are not aware, the
> organization of the squares in Spain has been an inspiration around
> the world and their methods and tools are widely copied.
> The number of users and the limitations of the technology are why most
> of us are aware of it; it is a need to be filled. The lorea developers
> are a team of volunteers who have done amazing work in assessing needs
> and coming up with the solutions they are able, given the limitations
> of time, expertise, etc. Some of us have been working on more
> ambitious solutions for the future, the Global Square with Tribler to
> create a p2p (currently android and PC) livestreaming and
> microblogging network that meets the needs of this population,
> Secushare working with GnuNet, and lorea themselves have implemented
> many new solutions which as Ale mentioned are helping a lot.
> I can only think maybe they are more known in Spanish speaking
> countries ...
> (I am having trouble changing my display name on this list, for
> transparency this is Heather Marsh, @GeorgieBC)
> All the best,
> Heather
> On 12-11-07 2:45 PM, Eva Galperin wrote:
>> "Anyone familiar with who needs liberation and what technology they
>> require, is of course aware of lorea."
>> This statement is baffling and demonstrably untrue. This is certainly
>> the first I've ever heard of Lorea and I have not, to my knowledge, met
>> a single person who uses it.
>> When I go to read the website in order to get some idea of what this
>> tool/service might be and I read things like "...our nurtured army of
>> fairies will work hard on the experiments, assess the views of
>> inhabitants and will conjure spells that are necessary to make our
>> flowers grow increasingly connected and beautiful," I do not get any
>> clearer idea of what Lorea is, what it does, or who uses it.
>> If this list is missing out on some important new
>> security/privacy/social media tool that is being widely used for
>> organizing, that sounds like something people here might want to know
>> about.
>> ************************************************
>> Eva Galperin
>> International Freedom of Expression Coordinator
>> Electronic Frontier Foundation
>> eva at
>> (415) 436-9333 ex. 111
>> ************************************************
>> On 11/7/12 2:25 PM, ttscanada wrote:
>>> Anyone familiar with who needs liberation and what technology they
>>> require, is of course aware of lorea, and that includes everyone I know
>>> on this list. The new release looks great guys, thanks for all your
>>> effort. :-)
>>> All the best,
>>> Heather
>>> On 12-11-07 11:46 AM, ale fernandez wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> On Wed, 7 Nov 2012 12:13:04 -0500
>>>> Nadim Kobeissi <nadim at> wrote:
>>>>> Either I'm a total idiot or this is the most pretentious website
>>>>> on the
>>>>> Internet
>>>> There may be more options than the two you see at the moment.. :)
>>>> I'm certainly using it like mad since it came out, both bug finding as
>>>> well as actually filling in assemblies - I'm in an assembly run
>>>> cooperative and using lorea is really important as a shared place to
>>>> work, and I think in general it complements the in-person aspect of
>>>> assemblies really well.
>>>> All our groups get to share info and now with the new version we can
>>>> do a lot more sharing and organising of tasks and assembly outcomes..
>>>> Having the assembly module also gives us the ability to organise our
>>>> thoughts into objectives proposals and decisions, and make sure things
>>>> get picked up and hopefully resolved...
>>>> And if it's the language that got you, maybe it could do with a catchy
>>>> jingle like "the facebook for people to actually do stuff with".
>>>> The "nodal representation" isn't about the people using the network,
>>>> but the various physical nodes where people might get internet or
>>>> access to a mesh network, which then has a social networking service
>>>> (or whatever other services) being served from it so you can access it
>>>> even if the internet goes down but the mesh network stays up.
>>>> But please go to and check it out!
>>>> Ale
>>>>> NK
>>>>> On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 12:06 PM, Alex Comninos
>>>>> <alex.comninos at>wrote:
>>>>>> Lolwut?
>>>>>> On Nov 6, 2012 6:32 PM, "Anne Roth" <annalist at> wrote:
>>>>>>>    News about Lorea
>>>>>>> ("Lorea is a project to create secure social cybernetic systems, in
>>>>>>> which a network of humans will become simultaneously represented
>>>>>>> on a
>>>>>>> virtual shared world.
>>>>>>> Its aim is to create a distributed and federated nodal
>>>>>>> organization of
>>>>>>> entities with no geophysical territory, interlacing their multiple
>>>>>>> relationships through binary codes and languages.")
>>>>>>> -------- Original-Nachricht --------
>>>>>>> Betreff: Presenting the new Lorea distribution: Foxglove
>>>>>>> Datum:  Mon, 05 Nov 2012 21:12:17 +0100
>>>>>>> Von:    spideralex <spideralex at>
>>>>>>> *The new distribution of Lorea is called Foxglove: Social
>>>>>>> networks of
>>>>>>> the people and for the people!*
>>>>>>> As part of the ACT! 2012 <>, Lorea
>>>>>>> social networks have migrated to a new version called Foxglove
>>>>>>> based on
>>>>>>> the version 1.8 of Elgg free software <>. This new
>>>>>>> distribution has several improvements regarding the design,
>>>>>>> usability
>>>>>>> and stability of the networks and offer also new tools (the full
>>>>>>> list
>>>>>>> can be viewed here
>>>>>>> <>).
>>>>>>> Among them there is a new module that allows you to design
>>>>>>> assemblies
>>>>>>> agendas collectively, keeping minutes and highlighting decisions
>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> previous consensus. It also enables decision making either by
>>>>>>> majority
>>>>>>> or by consensus, with the option of blocking decisions and
>>>>>>> modifying
>>>>>>> proposals for decision. This wide variety of options is intended to
>>>>>>> suit
>>>>>>> the various decision making processes of groups engaged with
>>>>>>> assamblearism, thus preventing the software of imposing its
>>>>>>> criteria
>>>>>>> above collective practices. Other new options are customizing the
>>>>>>> working environment, search box for groups contents, new images
>>>>>>> galleries, improvements of the Etherpads (collaborative writing in
>>>>>>> real
>>>>>>> time) and the integration between fora and mailing lists
>>>>>>> (persons not
>>>>>>> registered inside the networks will be now able to subscribe to
>>>>>>> groups
>>>>>>> mailing list).
>>>>>>> During the course of this November, Lorea's fairies will work into
>>>>>>> refining the migration and complementing the documentation such
>>>>>>> as the
>>>>>>> manuals in order to help people become familiar with the new
>>>>>>> version. It
>>>>>>> should also be kept in mind that Lorea are self-organized networks
>>>>>>> where
>>>>>>> all its inhabitants can engage with their development and
>>>>>>> gardening.
>>>>>>> Lorea calls for collaboration in this joint project, first by being
>>>>>>> patient with the potential errors that might occur occasionally
>>>>>>> during
>>>>>>> the migration process, secondly, by testing the tool, reporting
>>>>>>> shortcomings and making suggestions to keep improving (bugs can be
>>>>>>> reported here <>)
>>>>>>> and in
>>>>>>> third place by making diffusion of this new version (either by
>>>>>>> publishing this news and/or giving talks and workshops).
>>>>>>> Donations are
>>>>>>> also logically welcomed <>.
>>>>>>> *About Lorea*
>>>>>>> Lorea means "flower" in Euskera and uses the metaphor of seeds to
>>>>>>> refer
>>>>>>> to each ones of its networks' planted in an experimental field
>>>>>>> federated
>>>>>>> ".
>>>>>>> The project stems from an informal group of people concerned about
>>>>>>> security and privacy on the social web, providing from the field of
>>>>>>> free
>>>>>>> software and technological activism. It was launched during the
>>>>>>> 2009
>>>>>>> Hackmeeting
>>>>>>> <>,
>>>>>>> the annual gathering of hackers in the Spanish State. There two
>>>>>>> social
>>>>>>> networks Digital Free Art and N-1 <> converged and
>>>>>>> decided to join forces to develop further social free, secure,
>>>>>>> federated
>>>>>>> and self-managed social networks.
>>>>>>> ACT! 2012 is an action derivatived from the Barcelona Consensus
>>>>>>> performed by an active citizenship, GLOBAL, simultaneously and
>>>>>>> with an
>>>>>>> effective PARTICULAR result looking for social, political, economic
>>>>>>> palpable transformation. For this purpose different organizations /
>>>>>>> networks / groups have supported as ACT! 2012 Lorea and another
>>>>>>> movement
>>>>>>> (Ekta Parishad). The Nova-organization Social Innovation (driving
>>>>>>> Consensus Barcelona) has awarded 4,000 Euros each organization to
>>>>>>> carry
>>>>>>> out its actions. Thanks to the support you
>>>>>>> gave us the Lorea community have used this incentive to free
>>>>>>> programmers
>>>>>>> who developed the project. Also with ACT!, During days 27 to 2
>>>>>>> September, we held a Hacktahon Lorea to outline the development of
>>>>>>> assemblies, modules, feedback and suggestions and work together on
>>>>>>> migration.
>>>>>>>, and are already
>>>>>>> migrated,
>>>>>>> rest will follow soon
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