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[liberationtech] Fwd: Presenting the new Lorea distribution: Foxglove

Alejandro Fernandez skoria at
Thu Nov 8 15:48:40 PST 2012

Hi Mr doctor who, I never thought I'd meet you in a time and space like this :)

On 8 November 2012 19:07, The Doctor <drwho at> wrote:
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> On 11/07/2012 02:46 PM, ale fernandez wrote:
>> I'm certainly using it like mad since it came out, both bug
>> finding as well as actually filling in assemblies - I'm in an
>> assembly run cooperative and using lorea is really important as a
>> shared place to work, and I think in general it complements the
>> in-person aspect of assemblies really well.
> For the curious, Lorea is built on top of Elgg ( with
> a bunch of plugins slotted in (source:
>  I've been considering standing up an
> instance of it for a project I'm working with on the side.  From your
> interaction with the package, what do you think of its capabilities?
> In particular, the granularity of its profiles and what user privacy
> looks like from the outside?

You are welcome to go to our most well known lorea seed and just register, start a group and check things out.
Either that or go to one of the larger group areas like acampadasol
and see what they've done with it. There is always a way to specify
who gets to see what I publish: friends, group members, all members of
that seed, or the internet at large. Groups can be hidden, or public
and can be siblings or subgroups of other groups they can all have
blogs, pages, group chat, assemblies, or forums, wikis,
photo/documents, and any page you make either as an individual or as a
group, can be checked as "collaborative" so as to use etherpad. What
do you mean by profile granularity? Generally a group will use lorea
for internal work and collaboration, and a wordpress or drupal site
for campaigning etc

Lorea isn't just an open source project but also an active community
of sysadmins, programmers and seed maintainers - who all work together
and share tasks and resources. The funding for the assembly module was
hard fought and not much, but I'm really pleased with the result and
I've seen loads of people get stuck in to writing up assemblies the
new way (the old way at our co-op assemblies was usually live note
taking on a etherpad in lorea, sometimes projected so people could see
it in real time, and uploaded to a group page soon after). The
assembly module links up well with the tasks module which so revamped
from it's basic beginnings, it's almost usable as an issue tracker on
it's own..  I can't wait to see people approving or blocking etc on
proposals online from elsewhere as they are being discussed at an
assembly.. So as a result of a point discussed and approved at a
popular assembly you can give actual people stuff to do, which always
helps :)

I guess negatives with lorea include having to police spam and until
now, interface and design wasn't very modern looking so people like
the globalsquare initially rejected it as a usable tool by the occupy
movement also due to that. Also running a collaborative system like
this is a big job and finding income sources for admins or for
programmers to be able to dedicate themselves to this for months at a
time, and to pay for kit is always an issue.

There are projects to link up high schools now too, and not only with
lorea as a collaborative tool but with so that they still
talk to each other if the connection to the internet goes. In this
project there'll be a bit of crowdsourcing so as to write educational


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