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[liberationtech] NSA: The Game!

hellekin hellekin at
Tue Dec 3 08:31:12 PST 2013

On 12/02/2013 01:51 PM, Griffin Boyce wrote:
> From the brightest minds on the Cypherpunks list comes an NSA game
> you can play with your friends :3
*** Awesome!  Definitely want to play that game during 30C3.  Maybe
with actual NSA agents? <grin>

Maybe with a few amendments though:

1. Spanking instead of killing NSA agents.  After all, they're not CIA
nor JSOC, and they'd better be ashamed of what they're doing, than
"innocent Internet users" becoming evil.

2. Handle defection: an NSA agent can choose to defect, and become a
Snowden.  In order to do this, he has to identify an EFF member, and get
their protection, without the other NSA agents noticing.  That can
happen during the day phase via secret messages.  Once the EFF member
protects the defecting NSA agent, the agent becomes a declared Snowden
immediately.  That means the defecting NSA agent automatically requires
EFF protection from now on, and other Snowdens can thus not be protected
anymore by that EFF member (unless the NSA choses not to kill that
Snowden, while the EFF member choses not to protect him).  In the event
the defecting NSA agent failed to identify an EFF member correctly, he's
automatically eliminated from the game (and does not count as a move for
other NSA agents for this turn).

3. NSA reinforcement: to balance the game and not make it too
interesting for NSA agents to defect, NSA can choose to subvert an
innocent Internet user instead of putting her aside.  The subverted
player becomes an FBI informant. Her role is to divert an EFF member
from protecting a Snowden, or to confuse a Snowden about an NSA agent's
identity.  Before Snowden's turn, the FBI informant chooses a player: if
that player is a Snowden, his upcoming move against an NSA agent is
neutralized (i.e. the moderator will not tell that Snowden whether his
chosen target for this turn is an NSA agent or not: but the Snowden will
know they have been subjected to FBI interference, without knowing the
origin) ; if that player is an EFF member, they will not be able to
protect a Snowden for this turn. Instead, they will be able to expose
the FBI informant, and give the opportunity to an innocent Internet user
to join the cause and become an EFF member. At this point, the FBI
informant is lost, and the player becomes an EFF member instead.

4. "Cascading-Style Shit (happens)" Optionally, If more than one NSA
agent is defecting at a time, both are lost (and the players out of the
game), and NSA gets a free kill.  If that kill puts out an innocent
Internet user, the player is turned into an EFF member instead.  But if
that kill gets a Snowden, the NSA agents are back in the game, and EFF
loses a member (that is, roles are redistributed by the moderator among
non-declared players using shuffled cards, with one more NSA card, and
one less EFF card--that means, the NSA agents playing that dangerous
option are not certain to keep playing on that side).



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