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[liberationtech] More on Controversy, re: Reporters Without Borders's Info on Eritrea Banning Al Jazeera

Yosem Companys companys at
Mon Feb 11 04:36:06 PST 2013

NOTE: Some on Twitter describe @tekerebanelim as "a fanatic
propagandist of the Eritrean government - she is not a credible source
of information."  However, others in the Eritrea diaspora are saying
that Reporters Without Borders's info was not corroborated, and even
some who are close to the story are alleging as much as well.

Liberationtech: Eritrea government blocked access to @AlJazeera
5:26pm, Feb 10 from Buffer

FnanDesta: @Liberationtech @AlJazeera #Eritrea government has not
blocked @AJEnglish this is inaccurate. Check your sources.
6:16pm, Feb 10 from Web

Liberationtech: @fnandesta @AlJazeera @AJEnglish You should contact
@RSF_RWB. It's their story. If you evidence to contrary, pls send.
6:28pm, Feb 10 from HootSuite

FnanDesta: @Liberationtech @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @RSF_RWB South
African AMB to Eritrea and multiple other witnesses in Eritrea say its
6:31pm, Feb 10 from Web

Liberationtech: @fnandesta @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @RSF_RWB Do you have
any links? Anyone who has written about this story? Thx.
6:36pm, Feb 10 from HootSuite

FnanDesta: @Liberationtech @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @RSF_RWB Eyewitness
@tekerebanelim has been tweeting and sending photos from Eritrea
proving it false
6:43pm, Feb 10 from Web

Liberationtech: @fnandesta @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @RSF_RWB
@tekerebanelim Any chance you could share that on Twitter or via our
list at
6:56pm, Feb 10 from HootSuite

FnanDesta: @Liberationtech @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @RSF_RWB
@tekerebanelim its only 6AM in Eritrea so @tekerebanelim can respond
to you when its day
7:08pm, Feb 10 from Web

Liberationtech: @fnandesta @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @RSF_RWB
@tekerebanelim @tekerebanelim Gotcha.
8:02pm, Feb 10 from HootSuite

tekerebanelim: @Liberationtech @FnanDesta @AlJazeera @AJEnglish
@RSF_RWB see attached pic w/time & gps info.
10:20pm, Feb 10 from Web

tekerebanelim: @Liberationtech @FnanDesta @AlJazeera @AJEnglish
@RSF_RWB G'morn fm sunny #Asmara! Ill send new pic shortly, & here's

sabzbrach: @EriRevoltMay24 @AnonOps_Eritrea @africamedia_CPJ Do you
have any info on the Eritrean gov blocking Al Jazeera? @liberationtech
is asking.
7:09pm, Feb 10 from Web

Liberationtech: @sabzbrach @EriRevoltMay24 @AnonOps_Eritrea
@africamedia_CPJ The info was provided by @amanuelghirmai to @RSF_RWB.
Eritreans dispute info.
7:26pm, Feb 10 from HootSuite

EriRevoltMay24: @Liberationtech @sabzbrach @AnonOps_Eritrea
@africamedia_CPJ @amanuelghirmai @RSF_RWB Its not jammed however it is
banned by state order
8:27pm, Feb 10 from Web

Salem_Solomon: @africamedia_CPJ @Liberationtech @sabzbrach check
conversation here & also

africamedia_CPJ: . at sabzbrach Brother of #Eritrea's ex-censor-in-chief
claims govt issues verbal orders w/o paper trail
@Liberationtech Feb 10, 9:31pm via Web

africamedia_CPJ: . at sabzbrach we did not obtain independent
confirmation of the report of official state jamming of Al Jazeera in
Eritrea cc: @Liberationtech Feb 10, 9:21pm via Web

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