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[liberationtech] Designing the best network infrastructure for a Human Rights NGO

anonymous2013 at anonymous2013 at
Thu Feb 28 07:00:11 PST 2013

Thanks I appreciate the input but this is where one of the problems 
with the LibTech approach lies, having spent years training 
hundreds of people all over the world with TrueCrypt, TOR, 
PGP/Thunderbird etc I can tell you that the systems are simply not 
user friendly enough for the vast majority of non-techie people in 
an NGO environment. In parts of Africa and other places, people are 
barely techno-literate to be able to turn on a windows machine - 
even after consideriable training. People now come to work using 
Mac's and Android, they are used to easy interfaces etc...If you 
think you can get a board member or a finance person in an NGO to 
use Linux then you are detached from the reality of how most NGO's 
work. The use will simply ignore it.

And I didn't say Skype, I meant using a Skype alternative like 
Pidgin with OTR etc - obviously Skype is not secure.


On Thu, 28 Feb 2013 14:50:08 +0000 "Andreas Bader" 
<noergelpizza at> wrote:
>anonymous2013 at
>> Hi, 
>> We are a human rights NGO that is looking to invest in the best 
>> possible level of network security (protection from high-level 
>> cyber-security threats, changing circumvention/proxy to protect 
>> address etc, encryption on endpoints and server, IDS/Physical 
>> Software Firewall/File Integrity Monitoring, Mobile Device 
>> Management, Honeypots) we can get for a our internal network. I 
>> wondering if people would critique the following network, add 
>> comments, suggestions and alternative methods/pieces of 
>> (Perhaps if it goes well we could make a short paper out of it, 
>> others to use.)
>I also work for a human rights NGO.
>First don't use an internal network, you need a decentral 
>and information network.
>Second, Windows is not easier than Linux, compare Windows 8 and 
>with Gnome 2.
>I would probably use a SEL Kernel like in SL 6, when possible a 
>Forget all the closed-source software.
>Now the Software:
>-Firefox with Torbutton
>-Thunderbird with Torbirdy and OpenPGP
>Encrypt your systems with LUKS, its also FDE. Truecrypt doesn't 
>with Linux as FDE.
>You can possibly try Liberte Linux, someone on this list presented 
>it to
>us, its made for secure communication.
>And if you are unsure about Linux and Windows in "High Level 
>Systems", then you should probably go and get a real
>How good are you with IT-Sec?
>I don't want to offend you, but you sound like a beginner.
>(P.S.: Skype? You can't be serious. ICQ and Facebookchat is more 
>Use IRC).
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