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[liberationtech] NSA whistleblower revealed

Shava Nerad shava23 at
Mon Jun 10 10:29:19 PDT 2013

Regarding "extraordinary renditions:"  I have to note that there has been
phenomenally zip in the news media on these since Obama got smacked on the
nose about them a few years ago.  Most of the FBI news stories regarding
domestic terrorism have been show trials regarding sting operations of
Muslim men, usually seeming to have mental health issues, who were
entrapped by a network of operatives into planting a fake bomb and then put
on some trial with a grand jury and put away on felony charges in some form
of War on Terror theater.

It is hard for me to believe that, in the interim of the administration
getting its nose smacked and now, that nothing but the Boston bombing has
erupted (pardon the term) on the domestic terrorism front.  So I have to
assume DHS has quietly been continuing with renditions.  Much more quietly.
 To God knows where, since they seem to be doing overtures to shut down
Gitmo now.  When that gets revealed, it will make Prism look like a
sideshow -- sending US citizens to foreign prisons without trial for
interminable imprisonment?  Tasty.  Honestly it's hard for me to imagine it
hasn't been happening.  The absence of news nearly proves it.  I can't
believe that the terrorists have just...given up.  Well, except for two
boys in Boston, unanticipated.

This is a big country, and we have at least as many enemies as Israel and
other places that are quite rife with violence.  I'm sure there is gang
violence being misreported and other things being spun.  But I am equally
sure we are disappearing people.  It can't have stopped, and there are no
real trials.  Strategically, as risk management, historically,
statistically -- it makes no sense.  This is my assessment.

Yet several journalists I've asked about it (one of whom is on this list)
have told me, "Find evidence and we'll report it."  Oddly, I used to think
that was the job of investigative journalists -- to find the gaps in logic
and find the facts to fit them.  I don't have those resources, but then,
neither do the newsrooms these days.  And some of them won't jeopardize
sources if they did, so it's on the back of...whistleblowers, traitors, the
semantics get ever more complicated.

Every year as I age I get more and more compassion for the current elder
generation in Germany.  It makes me sad.  What color rose shall the
American resistance pick -- blue perhaps?   We have them now.


Shava Nerad
shava23 at
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