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[liberationtech] to encrypt or not to encrypt?

The Doctor drwho at
Fri Jun 21 09:58:55 PDT 2013

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On 06/21/2013 11:41 AM, dan mcquillan wrote:

> how would list members answer the question 'to encrypt or not to
> encrypt'?

Assumption: Your traffic is being recorded.
Assumption: You can't transmit anything without leaking at least one
bit ("You're transmitting something.")

Case: Don't encrypt.
- - Your traffic is being captured.
- - This means all of your plaintext traffic has been captured and is
being data mined.
Outcome: You're branched.

Case: Encrypt.
- - Your traffic is being captured.
- - Whatever cleartext traffic you send has been captured and is being
data mined.
- - Cleartext metadata is being data mined.  This means packet headers
(IP address, TCP or UDP port, nature of connection (TCP session setup,
TCP session teardown)) and whatever message metadata or routing
information (SMTP headers) is being datamined.
- - Whatever cyphertext traffic you send has been captured.
- - The cyphertext remains cyphertext - packet payloads, e-mail
contents, what have you remain unknown.
Outcome: The attacker knows that you encypt some volume X of your
traffic, of which some subvolume Y can be characterized as traffic of
type Z and the rest may or may not be recognizable as being related to
Z or some other protocol Q  that can't be characterized yet.

Most favorable outcome: Encrypt.

In comparison...

Perfect outcome: Don't transmit anything.  Just give up.  But then,
why are you on this mailing list?

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