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[liberationtech] NYTimes and Guardian on NSA

Shava Nerad shava23 at
Sat Sep 7 10:53:27 PDT 2013

I have since posted a link in another email in this same thread.  I believe
it was referred to and discussed in this list in May, also which is why I
didn't refer to it at the time.  I've been writing from bed this week.

Terribly sorry for any slack at the moment, I'm on half cylinders, but I am
working on being rigorous -- but I am in and out of the ER this week, and
without a bit of assistance locally, I'm getting little help from the
medical community, you may not hear much of me ever, not to be a drama
queen about it.  Sorry to be OT, but if there are people in Boston who can
help me with transport for dr's and such, drop me a line.  I'm on the edge
of rough here, living on my own and rather catastrophically ill.

A little humor since I am oversharing:  I have been suffering from a number
of symptoms which we have new information on now because they have gotten
worse -- it may be that I had a cerebral hemorrhagic stroke in 2007 when I
left Tor and my HMO covered it up because they misdiagnosed it as food
poisoning, and the penalties here are no different for that sort of fraud
than for the misdiagnosis to begin with. Among other things this meant they
left me with no rehab services whatsoever.

I told my neurologist that I was much improved in July and went to CFP2013
in DC, after they gave me steroids for a back injury -- met with some of
the best internet privacy experts in the world to talk about this NSA
business, started to organize a new nonprofit.  Rather than believing me,
he wrote me up for neuropsych testing as paranoid, I think.  Maybe bipolar.

Special.  He didn't want me to show him anything on a computer or get "too

I was actually scared.

I couldn't object much because, as a charity case, he has the power to put
me in for involuntary commitment, if he likes.  But he did order a new MRI.

That found old calcifications (hemorrhage scars, basically) along my falx.
 I've had daily migraines, epilepsy, and a raft of symptoms for six years
-- nothing remotely pleasant.  And it's getting worse suddenly, possibly
because I overextended in DC.

I'm experiencing partial paralysis in my legs, and full double vision and
loss of homeostasis.  But because my prior stasis was not so hot, and
because my neurologist has now marked me down as "asking for steroids and
drugs" and "possible paranoid" as a charity case, I'm not getting much help
here from the safety net.

It would be funny if it were in a novel.

So it's rather less grand than saving the world, but on a micro scale -- I
should like to be available to do more work in this field.  And the
steroids did help and there's a possibility that if I could get someone
other than this asshat to listen to me, I could get some decent care.

But I'm having the devil's own time getting around at all.  If you know
anyone in Boston with time to help, please send them my way -- I have no
local family but my 92-year-old mom in a nursing home, and I'm a bit sunk
at the moment.

Sorry to get personal, but at this point it might literally be survival...

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 2:06 AM, Jonathan Wilkes <jancsika at> wrote:

> On 09/05/2013 08:00 PM, Shava Nerad wrote:
>> Part of the tone is also adopted in order to wake the sleeping baby
>> anti-intellectual giants either side of the pond.  The smart magazines can
>> publish smart crypto articles, but mass market newspapers have to bring
>> their audiences along, even the Times and Guardian.
> [...]
>  If you tell them that they should be upset because the president
>> essentially struck down posse comitatus in May, they won't know what you
>> are talking about, but if you say, "Basically, if a local SWAT team decides
>> they need backup in some kind of emergency situation and they can't get
>> hold of the governor to call for National Guard?  They can call a local
>> military airbase for an airstrike if they want to."
> You fault the Guardian for not giving enough hard info on the crypto, but
> you are comfortable casually referring
> to such a potentially monumental attack on freedom of movement without
> providing a single citation?
> -Jonathan
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Shava Nerad
shava23 at
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