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[liberationtech] Sign the Freedom of Information and Expression-Declaration!

hellekin hellekin at
Thu Apr 3 12:28:07 PDT 2014

On 04/03/2014 03:36 PM, Christian Fuchs wrote:
> Thanks for the collection.
*** Indeed, thanks a lot.

> On the one hand I do not see why one should stop declaring and
> petitioning as long as the world is bad and the Internet endangered.
*** Indeed, and that's part of the "problem" of unity through diversity.
 There's no single source of knowledge, and it's hard to keep track of
everything, let alone read or agree to everything.

> On the other hand there is a qualitative difference between neoliberal
> declarations that want to fully open up the Internet to corporate
> domination (e.g. Toffler...) and others that try to save it from such
> control...
*** Seconded.  There's an awful lot of literature referring to The
Future, as if the godlike position of the objective observer had not
been shattered by the General Relativity more than a Century ago.

Yet, we can read in all corporate media that we'd better get used to
technology as it happens faster than we can think about it, it's
unstoppable, and There Is No Alternative, etc.  Well sorry, technology
is not an object, and less of a commodity. It's part of humanity, and
its neutrality is entirely illusory and propagandist.  Instead it's
highly political and ethical, and the neoliberal version of it all is
not only a ridiculous fraction of humanity's timeline, it's also one of
the most reactionary, suicidal, and irrational of all.  But that's my

That unique vision of technological-progress-through-free-markets became
so pervasive and undisputed that even a supposedly radically
emancipatory and anti-capitalist project such as the FLOK Society in
Ecuador promotes a confusing discourse where Ecuadorians express the
"social knowledge economy" in terms of victimization of their own
culture having been deprived of access to Occidental knowledge and must
get out of "mediocrity".  The absolute colonization of the technophile
human thought perspires through all its pores.

It's unthinkable nowadays to criticize the Californian ideology without
being pointed at as a luddite or an anti-American or as a technophobe.
Well, that's it.  I needed to vent it out.


P.S.: the Avaaz site is not Tor-friendly or there's a growing number of
Tor exit nodes abused so that webmasters will block them.

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