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[liberationtech] New Book: Critical Theory and the Digital

Andrés Leopoldo Pacheco Sanfuentes alps6085 at
Wed Feb 26 05:52:11 PST 2014

Sorry for this email with no real content than a big "like," "retweet," and
"plus one" to Hellekin's response to Dr. Berry.

And since someone quoted the great Michel Foucault, I invoke his statement
on the duty  of intellectuals as purveyors of ammunition to debunk the
status quo and advance the cause of freedom and liberty for all. What good
is ammunition if it is too costly to be used by the masses against their
oppressors? It would become a museum piece!
On Feb 25, 2014 7:26 PM, "hellekin" <hellekin at> wrote:

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> On 02/25/2014 08:31 PM, David Berry wrote:
> >
> > Books want to be free. They may be costly to make, edit, proofread
> > and copyedit, distribute, etc. but it only takes a visit to the
> > library with a smartphone and an app or someone able to hack the
> > DRM in the ePub to change the situation. This is the argument of
> > this book, and I think the point of liberation tech too.
> >
> *** The author calling for piracy reminds me of a software company...
> Ah, yes, Microshaft.  It would be so much better if the author would
> provide a way for himself and others to not have to break the law in
> order to access his argument promoting cracking DRM to change the
> situation.
> Some authors are very successful selling books online for a dollar
> fifty, while providing a gratis download as well (on-line is the new
> library) and nourishing the Creative Commons without using nor
> encouraging the use of bad technology that works against the culture
> they're willing to promote. How much does the DRM cost in the process
> of delivering books at 44 cents a page?
> Then again, what is liberating in pirating copyrighted materials?
> If the argument of the book is to pirate it, then how do you want the
> people who make, edit, proofread and copyedit, distribute, etc. make a
> living out of their--your work?
> Of course, if you're already paid by the University, it's another
> story, but I doubt the whole chain is thriving on taxpayers' money.
> The point of LiberationTech, as far as I understood it, is not to
> pirate proprietary systems, but to create free systems. One of the
> arguments that has been repeated many times on this list is that any
> proprietary software making it to the list is not worth mentioning,
> because, not being free, it's not secure, and therefore cannot be
> considered a part of the liberating toolset.
> Cheers,
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> hk
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