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[liberationtech] 99% western NGOs and reporters are paid by the regime and lying! We are being killed in Taiz

Maria Al-Masani malmasani at
Mon Oct 5 16:33:09 PDT 2015

My people are being murdered in silence. We need help in South and Central
Yemen, as we fight the Northern North occupation.

I am a Yemeni activist. I need help getting my account back, was hacked by
the regime along with other accounts from Taiz, Yemen.

The Saleh regime has been paying off western journalists to report for him.
(Houthis are the face of the regimes, coup was in Sept 21, 2014, half a
year before Saudi intervention).

One western journalist even told a defector friend "I am writing total
bullshit, who give a fuck about Yemen anyway." My friend has been kidnapped
by Houthis for reporting that Human Rights Watch is reporting a fake. The
kidnapper feels so secure in his impunity that he messaged Human Rights
Watch and his propagandist and both appeared on BBC!

South and Central Yemen is the part that has been robbed by Sanaa for
centuries, the North North and is engaging in a revolutionary war.
Everything in western newspapers is libel.

As impoverished Yemenis we realize we have to collect money in the mosque
that should be collected for starving children in Taiz for lawyers to sue
western newspapers for libel so that we even have on story in the press.

There is a genocide against South and Central Yemenis, by Houthis, and the
majority of western institutions in Yemen are participating to silence us,
and to pretend we do not exist, and when Houthis kill us, they libel our
allies and say its Saudi while we wish Saudis were there and protecing us
more from Houthis more though we are greatful what they have done.

In Sanaa, a Gamhouria  hospital study later republished by Amnesty
International proved 90% deaths in Sanaa were anti-aircraft, not Saudi

Here are fakes in the media debunked.

My people are being murdered in silence. Houthis are imitating Goebbels,
shouting Death to Jews and uses Goebbels style lie propaganda they learned
from Russia and Iran.

We need help. We need the world to know that we are human, we exist, and we
are being killed and robbed by Houthis yet again. We need the world to know
virtually every NGO and newsagency have been lobbyied and taking
incentives. The main bribe handelrs are Hameed Ghaleb and Faris Sanabani.

We need to even find one journalist will to talk to Yemenis not from the
rich capital that robbed the country, whose ex-president stole $60 billion
that is now paying for erasing us off the face of the earth. We need a
journalist willing to talk to people from the poorer regions of Yemen. We
only found one academic.

Is there someone who knows a journalist in the west willing to talk to
South and Central Yemenis in the west who doesn't take bribes or METs
tickets or other promotions or incentives from lobbyists?

In Yemen there is no accountability for bribes. No one is going to check
that you took a bribe from a dictator who trained his troops with Bashar
Assad in South Syria in 2013 to kill my people.

We are under siege in Taiz. 95% of the hospitals are shut down. The
medicine has run out from the Houthi blockage and we are running out of
food in Taiz. Internet there is on and off and the regime is trying to hack
Taiz activists.

Is there anyone there. Can anybody help us? I know my people are from the
wrong race and religion, though moderate. I hope that doesn't mean a death
sentence. Houthis are killing us, looking for jews, killing blacks for
being black if they can't find them, burning churches and killing Sunnis
for being sunni, blowing up houses of women and children in Taiz. They
sniped my friend's neighbor's son for playing outside and being from a
Sunni region. Six year old kid.

People are dying of dengue fever.

When westerners do write about us, they libel us as alqaeyda and twist the
facts to get Hameed Ghaleb and Sanabani's perks. If you see
you will see how ridiculous it is to accuse our women and men fighting of
being alqaeyda.

We are under siege in Taiz. Hacked by Iran's cyber army, removed by
everyone from Global Voices, Reportedly (Omaiydar media refuses to give
Sunni regions equal representation as Pierre Omaiydar is a shiite Iranian
American with sympathies towards anti-americanism of the Iranian regime).
Andy Carvin who used to cover us during the revolution dropped covering
South and Central Yemeni regions once he left NPR to First Look media.

Only on Oximity, Facebook and twitter do you see us. Everything is fake
genocide propaganda, libel from BBC to New York Times to even red cross.
They think they can get away with it because we are the poorest regions of
Yemen and haven't stolen the countries money to pay for lobbyists. Here is
fake after fake debunked. It's like Nazi libel of the jews in the 1930s
that even western papers published as Houthis shout "death to Israel"

Is there a human being there that sees that we are human just like them
that can help us? Maybe a journalist to tell the world we exist, we are
regular human beings, we are not terrorists, and we are being starved and
slaughtered by Houthis screaming their anti semitic "Death to Israel, Damn
the jews" chant though most of us aren't even jewish. They behave like a
Shiite ISIS.

We don't have money to pay for fancy lobbyists to give perks to journalists
and NGOs to write stories about us. Do we do a kickstarter to fundraise for
lawyers or lobbyists? How do we even get a story that we exist, are
families, women and children, moderates, not terrorists, and are being
slaughtered and starved by Houthis in Taiz to western media?

Thank you so much

Maria Al-Masani
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