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[liberationtech] Urgent - is anonymous going to attack besieged Yemeni civilians next?

Maria Al-Masani malmasani at
Sun Feb 7 22:07:04 PST 2016

As a Yemeni frankly I am disgusted at all westerners except Bapitist
missionairies and oil workers - Stalinist bastards who go on fancy Potemkin
tours offered by Russian trained Houthis - the same tours like on North

Human Rights Watch and Ali Saleh's propagandist are suspected behind
kidnapping my friend after he debunked their fake reports. It's practically
like 1984.

Sanaa is SHIITE. It occupied, raided, murdered, pillaged the SUNNI parts of
the country, South and Central Yemen. Shia are the Northern North. The only
thing that comes out of western NGOs, and News agencies, whose every
movement are controlled by the Sanaa KGB mukhabarat - who kills Yemeni
journalists - is pre-written Iranian propaganda.

I am disgusted that few of you have made a single attempt to speak to South
and Middle Yemenis but support the genocide of my people by the Saleh
forces, including his Houthi and ISIS forces. Taiz is besieged, like Madaya
Syria, same tactics. Medicine, food, is blocked from my town. Houthis shoot
women, kids for fun.

Like in Russia and like Hamas does in Israel, same school, Houthis shoot
from Schools and Hospitals. Russian agents. Some of the amnesty reports
about this gone down from their site, like how local hospital proved that
only 10% of dead were from Saudi. The rest were from Saleh in the 1994 war.

Saudi has been arming women in Taiz, revolutionaires while the rest of you,
most of you watch my people die and starve and laugh and watch the people
of Syria die out for Iran in silence because you worship Obama and his Iran
deal. Most NGO workers are such militant leftists in the west that they'd
send the jews to the holocaust if it would prevent a republican being
elected from office.

Why is Anonymous so easily manipulated by Russia and Iran to squash SUNNIS
who do not want to submit to totalitarian dictatorship and believe the
Pravda style lies and propaganda. We do not have resources as Taizis to
feed our people. In Syria, the free Syrian army, fighting Assad and ISIS
has been denyed bullets from Obama for 4 months.

My question to all of you is what have Yemenis and Syrians done to you, we
just want democracy - why do you want us dead because we want freedom? You
do nothing, so Saudi helps us... now most of western NGOs, Anonymous even
attack the poorest civilians in the middle east and defame us because
Russia and Iran has a $1 billion dollar budget for PR each and Obama is
president. And Arab blood is cheap... isn't it better to let our blood flow
in South and Central Yemen, because we are from SUNNI regions... than a
Republican get elected as Obama supports the Iran deal?

Everything from New York Times to Washington Post is defamation from the
Sunni region from Sanaa, written from Tehran and the Kremlin... you can't
find a byline from the wire that's not Shia, that's not
Tehran/Beirut/Sanaa. Why you westerners decide that you are going to take a
side on the Muslim war, and support genocide against Arab democrats because
we want our freedom - and 4 years ago you said you support us, our freedom
and democracy. Now we get help, you defame us and threaten us with cyber
attacks from Anoymous I heard because Iran pushed some propaganda.

Look if you can't figure out what's happening in the Middle East, don't
make promises you can't keep and leave us alone.

This is what is happening in Yemen.

I have not included Houthi stabbings just like in Gaza, Ali Saleh's tank
tunnels, like in Gaza, he used to smuggle weapons with. The same
journalists, UN agencies and NGOs that allegedly lied about Israel have
lied about Yemen, some biased to Ukraine lied about us as well. Syria has
more scrutiny.

It's like 1984. To most of you - I went to the Silicon Valley to a
conference, connected the Arab Spring to the Silicon Valley - from Yemen.
The west abandoned us, but our neighbor Saudi supported our revolution to
our surprise when our former dictator tried to attack them. Now many of you
defame Yemenis ...

Before you write about Yemen - remember it has been an 800 year old Sunni
Shia conflict. The Northern North is ruled by Shia elites and their
servants. They lie like breathing - first thing they'll tell you its not.
Central yemen and South Yemen are Sunni majority. The Shia in Sunni
majority think like Sunna, the Sunni in Shia majority areas think like
Shia. Northern North and Central Yemen were at war for 800 years, and had a
war where the Central Yemenis overthrew the Sanaa Shia king Imam with
Egyptian help in 1962. Here are the different
regions of Yemen.

I read that Anoynmous wanted to attack us and our Saudi allies. I also so
fake report after fake by Intercept, CNN, virtually every news organization
who only did the Soviet Style Potymekin village tour of Sanaa guided by
Houthi-Saleh KGB.

The Houthi coup is a counter-revolution by Shia ex-president Saleh, who
bombed a group of cavemen taking money from Iran for 6 wars, then bribed
them to be the face of his government and over took Sanaa from the
democratic revolutionaries who asked for Saudi help.

Houthis are like Nazis. They shout death to jews all day, attack jews, then
kill blacks, and libel, defame and kill other races who oppose them quickly
as scapegoats, burn churches, jewish villages, Sufi libraries. They defame
and like during Hitler's time, there is no shortage of unscrupulous NGOs
and Journalists who go to the Berlin of Sanaa and accept bribes, stay in
fancy hotels and take Stazi escorted tours and write pro Nazi reports of
their fabulous vaction, to hell with the death camps.

I don't know what else to say.. we are so tired of all these western NGOs,
Anonymous, professors, all these people who say they help democracy, are
supposed to help innocent people side with Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and
their repressive totalitarian dictators and repeat their lies. As for lies,
to read about Russia's lies on Ukraine

In Taiz, the civilians are besieged. We hope we are not next, just because
we want democracy and freedom. The world has gone mad. The west abanoned us
and slanders us while Saudi helps us as dictators are worse than democracy
and would destroy us all. The west is too cowardly to do anything by
dictators a small portion of its strength, just like the west afraid to do
something about Hitler when he was small when Chamberlain lead the free
world. Unlike the jews, we are lucky to have Saudi who realizes several
Hitlers running around shooting at it are not a good thing.

I don't know what else to say aside that I feel sad, hurt. I am not rich to
buy up commercials everywhere - the poor do not have the money to pay for
the truth.

Global Voices for example, only interviewed the Houthi-Saleh ex-dictator
paid Sanaa elite, the propaganda wing of those killing my people. Maybe if
westerners can't figure out what's going on in the Middle East, only repeat
what the richest thieves pay for people to say ... maybe just leave that
region alone and stick to what you understand. You end up hurting civilians
who can't fight back.

All the best,
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