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[liberationtech] Muslims do not feel safe any more

cysanto2 at cysanto2 at
Thu Jun 16 11:53:09 PDT 2016

Maybe band together and eliminate the radicals Muslim that attack and kill innocent people in the name of Allah?  Speak out against the mosques that are allowing radicals to recruit terrorists?  Reject and condemn taqqiya since it makes Muslims look untrustworthy. 

There are many many things that Muslims could do to help EVERYONE feel safer.

Non-Muslims don't feel safe anymore, all around the world.  


Carolyn in Hawaii

---- Maria Al-Masani <malmasani at> wrote: 
> Should genocide propaganda violate terms of use of social media and not be
> free-speech. Genocide propaganda is half truths, false, incendiary
> emotional information meant to incite murder and violence.
> Under Trump, we are seeing the repeat of Der Strummer, Hitler propaganda
> where they said not just the jew in the Paris attack but the ordinary jew
> is harmful, and continuing pumping this hate lead to the Holocaust. The
> Holocaust Museum has even stated it's concern.
> The left has cried wolf and compared the most minor things, to Hitler and
> has before don't verified Milo Yianappolis for comparing feminism to
> cancer. Now minorities like Muslims, Mexicans and others are paying for the
> over-zealousness of the left, especially of feminists to censor anything
> remotely masculine sounding. Now, the wolf has come and persecution,
> incitement propaganda has begun. ISIS propaganda starts with dehumanizing a
> group, then killing them, and that is what Trump supporters like Milo
> Yiannapolis are doing, dehumanizing Muslims behaving exactly like those who
> incited dehumanization and hatred with the intention to commit genocide. It
> reaks of Sloban Milosovic.
> I briefly supported Trump before he started going crazy. Jews receive
> pictures of anti semitic cartoons from the 1940s when they disagree with
> Trump. Latinos receive attacks - but the nastiest have been the Goebbels
> tactics, twisting and dehumanization of Muslims - last attacks, women were
> beat up in the streets in Canada for wearing a headscarf. They incite
> violence.
> Twitter suspended then chickened out and re-instated Milo Yianaplois when
> he was plagiarizing Goebbels towards Muslims - same far right propaganda
> used in Europe funded by Putin. Putin said "Goebbels is a talented man"/
> How can twitter re-suspend Milo Yiannapolis for neo Nazi Der Strummer
> bigotry of painting a religious group all in one dehumanizing brush,
> clearly using genocide propaganda.
> I support the right of the left and right wing to discuss their ideas, but
> when it comes to bismerching and dehumanizing a group in society - whether
> it's men "it's the patriachy" or "all Muslims" for evil, allowing it hurts
> the quality of life. Why live in the west if you are bullied for being
> different no matter what you do, why not build your company in a place that
> respects diversity like Dubai or Signapore. I want to spend my free time on
> work, not worrying each election cycle if the far right will send
> immigrants to Auschwitz. I am afraid.
> What should people like us do?
> Maria

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