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[liberationtech] Help! Houthis are massacring my people in Taiz, silencing us in Twitter

Maria Al-Masani malmasani at
Tue Oct 11 00:40:01 PDT 2016

Houthis are massacring my people in SUNNI city of Taiz, Yemen. SUNNI. Due
to the Iran Deal, Obama, Donald Trump and the left's obsession with Iran,
Sunnis are defamed in Yemen like the jews were under Goebbels - for the
same reasons. Hitler wanted Jewish bankers' money, Iran wants Sunni oil.

Former dictator Ali Saleh bribed NGOs to stay in Sanaa, and like 1930s
 Hitler, gives journalists incentives for favorable coverage. Only Matthew
Halton of all Canadian journalists even reported of the Holocaust until
Germany started bombing Britain. In Yemen all aid goes to Houthis. The
capital is Aden but due to bribes NGOs report from Sanaa.

Those who do not conform lies written by Tehran and Moscow are kidnapped.
Moscow supports Donald Trump and now so do many anti Saudi Houthis.

Russian pro Donald Trump trolls are spamming the #Yemen hashtag as Houthis
shell Taiz, the only way we get information out to lazy western journalists
and NGOs who think only Shiite lives matter. Houthis meanwhile are shelling
Mecca and a US Tanker. Western leftists are rejoicing that Houthis are
assisting them in self-flagilating by attacking the US tanker. Trump says
that Iran is attacking ISIS, and thus has define the US marines as ISIS.
The west is becoming a joke and it's really too bad that Arabs and
Ukrainians took the west too seriously... I hope I am wrong.

Sanaa is a pro Iran Shia city, that means in league with Assad, Donald
Trump and Moscow. Many pro Houthi accounts, like Nasser Arrabye who writes
for the New York Times for Houthis is also pro Donald Trump. Donald Trump
has an usual strong affinity for dictators. Help!

My friend, Dr. Gueneid, who exposed Houthis and Human Rights Watch working
together and lying for Iran was kidnapped and then released due to lobbying
and being born to a cast those cavemen value.

I am half Yemeni and half Russian - I have to say this, we Russians think
the west is stupid to have an open system of information and democracy they
allow our dictator to use, when our dictator doesn't reciprocate and shuts
down western NGOs & media in Russia. If you click like on the wrong thing
in Russia, you get years in jail. By allowing anti western dictators to
spam twitter and silence dissidents - the west supports Trump, Putin,

The latest story is that Saudi "bombed" a funeral - but in all the images,
all the steal bars on top of the roof are intact - so where would the
airstrike have come from? Land airstrike? No. Nobody fact checks on Yemen
because #SunniLivesDontMatter. Houthis & Saleh stole over $60 billion so
leftists feel they can enjoy living on Houthi cash/bribes/incentives/ 5
star hotels and not be accountable but feel eratz morality through drinking
expensive gluten free organic non fat fair trade lattes at Houthi hotels as
they massacre my people. It's just like the Holocaust, totally okay to kill
the jews, because some German jews were bankers even though most weren't.
It's okay to massacre my friends and family, the people I love for most
western leftists and alt-right - so practically most westerners unless
Hillary is elected - because some Saudis are the modern day equivalent of
jewish bankers - so it's totally cool and fun to have a pogram against
Sunnis in Taiz, right? Pogram how fun, let's try it on Sunnis because jews
have lawyers, right?

Houthis are shooting Mecca, the Holiest of Holies for Muslims. Western
reaction? Total silence. Der Strummer said jews were bad because they were
more secular and thus corrupting the morals, so the Holocaust was needed.
Ethnically cleansing Sunnis in Taiz, Yemen, Syria, etc. is so fun and okay
in western view, because Iran trying to grab our cash like Hitler grabbed
Jewish money also needs a beautiful pretext to be swallowed. Hitler said
jews were more secular than Germans, so he justified the Holocaust this way
via Der Strummer and western publications that enjoyed his 5 star hotels.
Today Sunnis are more religious so Terhan, Trump, Putin and western useful
idiots of Russia and Iran justify ethnic cleansing of western Sunni allies
and democrats because we are more religious, and homosexuality is used as a
weapon to defame us. We are struggling with the lower levels of the Maslow
Hierarchy of needs, and thus are dehumanized by western hipster elite for
not yet being able to address self actualization.

Taiz is being shelled. The tools such as twitter that once liberated people
from dictators now enslave us, as paid anti-democracy trolls from Russia &
Iran commercially spam the tags, kidnap and kill dissidents, bribe western
NGOs and journalists.

We need to be able to block totalitarian trolls from instruments of
democracy or democracy will die.

My people are being shelled. We rely on God and on the people of God, like
Saudi. Our idea of democracy may have been a western one, but the west
abandoned even Ukraine that gave up its nukes in exchange for western
defense. We pray Hillary wins. We are being shelled. From God we come from
and to God we return. Maybe you'll hear us.

Maybe you'll figure out how to make Liberation technology. Or maybe
Liberation technology is dead, and the dictators won in tech... but on the
battlefield we'll win or die trying, with or without your help. Maybe
you'll have a heart and hear Taiz. Maybe you'll vote for Trump grabbing

Taiz is burning and being shelled, but silenced on twitter as Russian &
Iranian bots dominate the tag. Pray for us.

All the best,
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