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[liberationtech] Price of the #MuslimBan

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Sun Jan 29 18:47:25 PST 2017

​#  <​>

The Program on Liberation Technology "Liberationtech" at Stanford
University explores how technology can be used to promote public goods.
​  (...)

​2. We urge you to use the list to ask for (or offer) advice, discuss
issues, and share information.​"

#  <>

Definition of *public good* in English:


   A commodity or service that is provided without profit to all members of
   a society, either by the government or by a private individual or

   2The benefit or well-being of the public:
   *‘the frequent conflict between the public good and private interests’*

​Sorry for posting a so simple and basic definition of "public good", but
if necessary, all of you can search more elaborated concepts and all the
controversy behind them later.​

This list exists to promote and discuss technological advances and
resources, their issues and eventual impacts in the several sectors of
civil society, respecting essential values like Human Rights, which include
Freedom of Speech (Expression), Freedom of Thought, Conscience and
Religion, and Freedom of Movement, among other several important rights.

#  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR):  <>

Some of you probably will think, or even say,  "You're NOT a
North-American.  Shut up!".  Please, consider that some of my best friends
are North-Americans and the man that I love more than my own life is a
German living in the USA with a green card.

IMHO, political discussions are *not* polution, considering the fact that
some of the tech resources here discussed are being created and implemented
specifically to protect the civil society and political activism, including
serious investigative journalism.  We have the right of knowing the real
truth, instead fake news and conspiracy theories, several times created by
our own governments.

I understand very well what made Brian Chesky, one of the creators of
Airbnb, post this message, full of compassion and empathy:

​(OK, OK...  I don't have a FB account too.  It's an open post, please
avoid complaining with no reason.  Useless noise is real polution.)​

All the people in the whole world are deeply worried.  We are not being
"noisy" or "inconvenient just for fun".  Sorry, I have funnier things to do
in my free time, but it's impossible to be insensitive, completely
indifferent, and ignore what is happening with other human beings in this

It's a personal traum, but part of my family was killed in a nuclear
explosion some years ago.  The part of my family who survived to war knowed
very intimately hunger, prejudices against race, religion, origins, and
even against our language.  Japanese families had to hide their books to
avoid being arrested.  Japanese books were burned in several countries.
The same happened with German and Italian families, and is still happening
with so many other families around the world...  African families, Syrian
families, Mexican families, Venezuelan families...

Sorry, always hurts a lot to imagine the same happening with other
families.  People moving to another country hoping, searching desperately a
better future for their children and suffering intolerance and all kind of
prejudices.  The History never changes, but it should be different.  Not
with "Alternative Facts", but definitely changing the world.  That's the
reason why *we need to hack the world*.  We can build a better future, a
fairer and more beautiful world using technology.


​PS:  - More intimate friends know I like to work as ghost writer, helping
some old friends who work with humor  (stand-up comedians, talk shows,
etc).​  It's a fun hobby and makes me laugh.  Since the last year, when
someone ask me to tell the grossest joke that I know, I simply answer:  -
Donald Trump.
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