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[liberationtech] Tinfoil (was: The Paradox in Privacy Paradox)

carlo von lynX lynX at
Sat Mar 4 04:24:08 PST 2017

On Sat, Mar 04, 2017 at 12:55:46PM +0100, Jaromil wrote:
> > It is in part replicating what Torbrowser does, but for those who
> > insist on not using Torbrowser, tinfoil may be a step in the right
> > direction.
> Tinfoil does not replicate the torbrowser use-case, at all.
> Torbrowser does an excellent job in tunneling all traffic tor, beyond
> the capacity of normal browsers.

That's not all. Torbrowser uses the SOCKS protocol to separate each
browser tab into its own identity. Basically it gets you what tinfoil
is doing, automatically, without needing to change your habits. This
is roughly as important as using Tor in the first place. Using Tor
with any other browser isn't giving the same level of privacy.

> I do plan to support wrapping torbrowser too in tinfoil.

Which makes sense whenever you are using Torbrowser without
"Torbutton", the add-on that does the tab splitting, or when
you choose to enable the convenient local storage features
like bookmarks, url completion, form pre-filling. Even when
using Torbrowser without Tor and in a configuration similar
to a regular Firefox, it will still provide better privacy
because it has various Javascript loopholes disabled.

> while I generally agree, I'm not really keen to entertain "epic
> thinking" on most online avenues and I'm generally adverse in
> declamating universal statements.

Neither did I, when I was younger. But I'm starting to grasp
the big picture and see the little time that is left to get
anything back in shape. Going about everyday business is not
an option. Your children will ask, what were you doing when
you were still in time to do something about it? And you can
ask yourself, what would Aaron Swartz have done about it?
Why can't I? I don't see why we should let things happen to us.
That method has worked for tenthousand years, but not any

In the meantime I've been listening to some Privacy Paradox.
It is very unusual having to deal with advertizement in a
podcast- it's a first timer for me. All the podcasts I usually
hear are libre. Also all the clips I rip from youtube etc are
ad-free, which is probably because I bypass the intended way
to consume them. Who knows how long this privilege will be
granted to folks like me?

Episode 1 features Bruce Schneier saying so many things that
I would be saying, too. Regarding "crappy" use of the web rather
than "creepy": that's what I've been doing ever since Snowden.
I just don't let myself be bullied into tracking. Evil enough
that my friends are disrespecting my privacy each time they
write an e-mail talking about me. But I'm also not doing the
best I can, by writing to xkeyscore'd mailing lists.

What if I was to remix the mp3s of Privacy Paradox and add
my own commentary to it? Like some things are *still* naive...
Would it be covered by fair use? Why aren't these files
released by CC, if WNYC is so uncommercial?

> ~.,_   Denis Roio aka Jaromil think &do tank
>     "+.   CTO and co-founder      free/open source developers
>       @)   ⚷ crypto κρυπτο крипто गुप्त् 加密 האנוסים المشفره

Heehee, very beautiful!

>     @@)  GnuPG: 6113D89C A825C5CE DD02C872 73B35DA5 4ACB7D10
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So somebody is indeed using opmsg...

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