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[liberationtech] Stanford Liberationtech Needs Your Help

Thomas Delrue thomas at
Thu Jun 14 13:23:41 PDT 2018

On 06/14/2018 03:13 PM, Yosem Companys wrote:
> Here are LT's major needs:
>    - Recruit people to develop a new website, logo, and graphics.

Ping me off line to chat about how I can help.

>    - Identify a legal jurisdiction with strong security and privacy laws
>    and regulations and a server provider with a stellar reputation at
>    protecting user security and privacy to host the site.


>    - Determine whether to maintain LT's mailing lists on Mailman
>    <> or to
>    transition them to a content management system (e.g.,

If it ain't broken, don't touch the thing. "Stick with mailman" is what
gets my vote. I don't want yet-another-site-to-log-into to read LT
discussions. I want LT right here in my mailbox.
It's low barrier and facilitates interaction, as opposed to some CMS
that now I have to go and log into and then figure out what's
interesting or not, and what I may want to read or reply to... I'm never
going to do that...(*)
E-mail is right there in my inbox: I have my own copy, I can do with it
what I want, I don't have to log into some other place, it fits nicely
in my existing workflows... and mailman is kind enough to give me a
searchable archive. Now, whether we stick with Stanford's mailman or
not, /that/ I don't care too much about, I care that it's not locked up
behind some other system I now have to have an account with... I care
that it stays an e-mail list.

Regardless of whatever CMS we pick, if we were to go that route, there's
always going to be some problem with it where we want to do X or Y and
we can't quite do it. With e-mail, everyone can pick the client they
like: (al)pine, mutt, Thunderbird, outlook (if you're so included) or
gmail (yuk). Everyone gets to pick the tool they like best, instead of
everyone being forced to use system X or Y and being strapped into the
harness of how that tool thinks you ought to interact with its world.

I think that part of the value of the LT mailman service is that is
specifically is NOT an Internet forum and that it specifically is an
e-mail list, which facilitates conversations where the focus is on
content and ideas. If I want a forum, I'll go to reddit or some similar
site. (Speaking of which,
apparently has been banned? Is this this same LibTech?)

Remind me what it is that Discourse offers that plain-text e-mail does not?

>    - Assess the best legal structure for LT (e.g., digital cooperative).

Outside of my field of expertise...

(*) I don't mean this as a threat, at all (after all, I have nothing to
threaten you with), but if you're putting LT behind some other
wall/gate, I know myself well enough to be able to tell you with high
confidence that you'll lose me from LT... and I think a couple of others
as well...

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