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[mininet-discuss] Reg: Controller

Geordy Korte gkorte at
Thu Jan 17 00:35:30 PST 2013

Dear Chandana,

Gald you did your homework.  Please see my comments inline.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 5:08 PM, Chandana Pathapatti <chandana.p85 at
> wrote:

> Hello Geordy,
> Thanks for your comment! What I meant was, I am doing a project in which I
> have to simulate a topology which consists of a switch, controller, 3
> servers.
> I was able to simulate mininet through xterm display. My question is, OVSK
> switch I know is a switch. Nox I know is a controller software. What is the
> name of the default controller built in Mininet. I tried going through the
> tutorial, it was just mentioned as an in-built controller. Hence I need to
> know the name of the in-built controller. So in this case, I have done my
> homework :) (No offense).
LOL!!! So my first reply was going to be, it's the OVSK controller, but
that would be wrong so I fired up a simple network and looked at the PS
output on the system. The controller is called "controller" and if you do
the man page it states a simple openflow controller. It was built in 2008
by someone from Stanford, and this is about all the information I could
find on it.  Anyone from Stanford have any clues what this thing is?

>  My other question is, I have to include servers in my topology and there
> is no where any mentioning of a server in this tutorial. That's the reason
> I am asking if anyone else has any idea on how to add a server into a
> mininet topology. (GUI version) I have seen only links, switches, hosts,
> there is no controller or server.
Which GUI are you using? Basically a host is a server and it acts like
one.  Myself I am running mininet 1.0 and use about 7 switches in a full
mesh to demo a commercial controller. Hosts in my topology are basically
non openflow devices, so for me a host could be a server, a workstation, a
piece of storage or even an external router that is not OF enabled.  I hope
this helps, let me know what you exactly mean by server if this does not
answer your question.

> p.s.: There is no compulsion to help, if you are not interested :)
:) Helping out is not a problem.

> Thanks,
> Chandana
> On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 8:59 PM, Geordy Korte <gkorte at> wrote:
>> Dear Chandana,
>> What is your exact question?
>> Mininet is a python based system that allows you to create topologies
>> that emulate real networks. You can create hosts, switches and interconnect
>> them. By default an controller is included but you can point it to another
>> controller if you wish.  Your best bet would be to start reading the WIKI
>> that includes answers to all/most of your questions and to start learning
>> Python.  Mininet is not a click and go system, it requires you to do some
>> work. To quote another list member (that was in a bad mood when he wrote
>> this), "We will not do your homework for you" :) (no offence meant)
>> Good luck
>> Geordy
>> On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 6:46 PM, Chandana Pathapatti <
>> chandana.p85 at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> PLease let me know what are the controllers used in Mininet? I  know
>>> that OVSk switch is installed in Minint by default, we can install NOX
>>> externally if required. Since Controller is a software now., how to install
>>> it in my configurstion, which includes 1 switch, 2 hosts and 2 servers? How
>>> to include servers? Please let me know.
>>> --
>>> Regards,
>>> Chandana
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> --
> Regards,
> Chandana

Geordy Korte
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