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[mininet-discuss] How to use pdb to debug POX controller?

Murphy McCauley murphy.mccauley at
Thu Mar 12 17:19:00 PDT 2015

(Note: This would seem to be more appropriate for the pox-dev mailing list, since it isn't really related to Mininet.)

I think the problem is that set_trace() sets up a *thread* to be debugged.  POX's default is to not use the main thread for the cooperative task system, but the main thread *is* probably the one which calls all the launch functions.  So long story short, I think you're calling set_trace() on the wrong thread.  I think the easiest way to fix this is probably doing core.callLayer(pdb.set_trace) or something like that from your launch function so that it gets called from the cooperative thread.

-- Murphy

On Mar 12, 2015, at 5:02 PM, David Li <dlipubkey at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using POX controller to connect to a mininet switch. My intention
> is to use break points to trace code flows. Here is my basic setup:
> 1. Launch mininet: sudo mn --topo=single,3 --controller=remote --switch=ovsk
> 2. I use l2_learning switch and added single line in the launch function:
>  import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
>  core.registerNew(l2_learning, str_to_bool(transparent))
> 3. Launch POX controller using pdb, the debugger stopped at the above
> line and I set a break point on line 99 inside the _handle_PacketIn().
>     line 99: packet = event.parsed
>    The console output looks like:
> mininet at mininet-vm:~/pox$ ./ log.level --DEBUG forwarding.l2_learning
> POX 0.2.0 (carp) / Copyright 2011-2013 James McCauley, et al.
>> /home/mininet/pox/pox/forwarding/
> -> core.registerNew(l2_learning, str_to_bool(transparent))
> (Pdb) break /home/mininet/pox/pox/forwarding/
> Breakpoint 1 at /home/mininet/pox/pox/forwarding/
> (Pdb) c
> DEBUG:core:POX 0.2.0 (carp) going up...
> DEBUG:core:Running on CPython (2.7.6/Mar 22 2014 22:59:38)
> DEBUG:core:Platform is Linux-3.13.0-24-generic-i686-with-Ubuntu-14.04-trusty
> INFO:core:POX 0.2.0 (carp) is up.
> DEBUG:openflow.of_01:Listening on
> INFO:openflow.of_01:[00-00-00-00-00-01 1] connected
> 4. Then I ping from h1 to h2. Here I assume this would hit my break
> point but it never did.
> Anyone has any experience how to to this?
> Thanks.
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