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[mininet-discuss] No attribute addHost

Warsang warsang at
Wed Jul 13 23:58:11 PDT 2016

Hello, I am trying to run some code I found on git. I use the following 

mn --custom --topo evaluation --mac --link=tc 
--switch=ovsk,datapath=kernel --controller remote

And get the following error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/local/bin/mn", line 5, in <module>
     pkg_resources.run_script('mininet==0.0.0', 'mn')
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 528, 
in run_script
     self.require(requires)[0].run_script(script_name, ns)
   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 1401, 
in run_script
     exec(script_code, namespace, namespace)
line 258, in <module>

line 101, in __init__

line 201, in begin

   File "build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/mininet/", line 453, in 
   File "", line 79, in <lambda>
     topos = {'evaluation': (lambda: EvaluationTopo())}
   File "", line 26, in __init__
     bej_host = self.addHost('bej_h')
AttributeError: 'EvaluationTopo' object has no attribute 'addHost'

The topology code is the following:


Evaluation topology for the controller

from mininet.topo import Topo
from import Mininet
from import TCLink
from mininet.node import RemoteController, OVSKernelSwitch
from mininet.cli import CLI

__author__ = 'Dario Banfi'
__license__ = 'Apache 2.0'
__version__ = '1.0'
__email__ = 'dario.banfi at'

class EvaluationTopo(Topo):

     def __init__(self, **opts):
          Topo.__init__(self, **opts)

         bej_host = self.addHost('bej_h')
         haw_host = self.addHost('haw_h')
         hkg_host = self.addHost('hkg_h')
         man_host = self.addHost('man_h')
         sha_host = self.addHost('sha_h')
         sin_host = self.addHost('sin_h')
         syd_host = self.addHost('syd_h')
         tok_host = self.addHost('tok_h')

         bej = self.addSwitch(
             'bej', dpid='0000000000000001', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         haw = self.addSwitch(
             'haw', dpid='0000000000000002', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         hkg = self.addSwitch(
             'hkg', dpid='0000000000000003', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         man = self.addSwitch(
             'man', dpid='0000000000000004', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         sha = self.addSwitch(
             'sha', dpid='0000000000000005', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         sin = self.addSwitch(
             'sin', dpid='0000000000000006', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         syd = self.addSwitch(
             'syd', dpid='0000000000000007', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         tok = self.addSwitch(
"" 79L, 2932C 1,1           Top
             'syd', dpid='0000000000000007', protocols='OpenFlow13')
         tok = self.addSwitch(
             'tok', dpid='0000000000000008', protocols='OpenFlow13')

         self.addLink(syd, haw, port1=1, port2=1, delay='75ms', bw=30, 
         self.addLink(man, haw, port1=1, port2=2, delay='75ms', bw=30, 
         self.addLink(tok, haw, port1=1, port2=3, delay='75ms', bw=30, 

         self.addLink(syd, sin, port1=2, port2=1, delay='50ms', bw=30, 

         self.addLink(sin, man, port1=2, port2=2, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(sin, tok, port1=3, port2=2, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(sin, hkg, port1=4, port2=1, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(man, hkg, port1=3, port2=2, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(hkg, sha, port1=3, port2=1, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(hkg, bej, port1=4, port2=1, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(sha, bej, port1=2, port2=2, delay='10ms', bw=10, 
         self.addLink(sha, tok, port1=3, port2=3, delay='10ms', bw=10, 

         self.addLink(syd, tok, port1=3, port2=4, delay='60ms', bw=20, 

         self.addLink(bej, bej_host)
         self.addLink(haw, haw_host)
         self.addLink(hkg, hkg_host)
         self.addLink(man, man_host)
         self.addLink(sha, sha_host)
         self.addLink(sin, sin_host)
         self.addLink(syd, syd_host)
         self.addLink(tok, tok_host)

topos = {'evaluation': (lambda: EvaluationTopo())}

I think it comes from an error in the code but being new to mininet and 
python, I am having trouble finding the issue by myself.
Thank you in advance for any help, it would be much appreciated.


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