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[mininet-discuss] (rtd) Re: Problem with Mininet Ubuntu14.04 32 bit console rows and columns

Jim Showalter jim.showalter at
Sun Jul 16 18:31:44 PDT 2017


Well, I have been using VB 5.1.22.  I know you can configure which menu 
items are available in the guest view so that may be why you didn't see 
them (they were all highlighted by default when I installed that VB 

I have successfully installed VB, the ubuntu 14.04 ovf versions (both 32 
and 64 bit).  I have added the guest additions and gotten ssh working.  
So the only thing left is the console window associated with the running 
VM.   I did notice a slight anomally, that my VM console window did 
jump  from 640 x 480 to 800 x 600.  I can't explain it.   And it shows 
up as such in the grayed out resolution choices.  But I can't get it to 
go larger.  I may just re-install everything to see if that makes a 
difference.  In any event I appreciate all the suggestions.


On 7/16/2017 5:12 PM, Gary Brown wrote:
> Yes, I used to have this exact problem in the past and it is a 
> VirtualBox configuration issue and/or Guest Additions not being added 
> to a VM.  FYI, every time you update VirtualBox to a newer version, 
> you have to re-install the Guest Additions in each VM.
> When something is grayed out, it means an option that uses the 
> grayed-out option(s) has not been enabled/configured somewhere else.
> In VB 4.x, there were options I enabled in the main screen that 
> applied to all VMs.  I can tell from your screenshot you have an older 
> version of VirtualBox, likely 4.x, because you have more options at 
> the very top of the screenshot; e.g., "File Machine View Input Devices 
> Help".
> I upgraded to 5.x a few months ago (screenshot attached that shows 
> only "File Machine Help" at the top) and in researching your problem 
> on my system found that VB 5.x now has these options on a per-VM 
> basis, accessed through the "User Interface" dialog box (screenshot 
> attached).  Clicking on the "View" dropdown list shows all the options 
> (of which, unfortunately, I cannot take a screenshot because the 
> instant I depress the "Alt" key for "Alt+PrtSc" (Windows 7 screen 
> capture function), the drop-down list retracts and disappears).
> The options in the "View" drop-down list in VB 5.x I have listed 
> below, along with the options for "Input" and "Devices".  I list 
> "Input" with its "Mouse Integration" option because of the error I saw 
> above the black screen in your screenshot.  You should enable mouse 
> integration so everything is very easy to do.
> =============================
> View Drop-down Checkbox List
> =============================
> Full-screen Mode
> Seamless Mode
> Scaled Mode
> Adjust Window Size
> Auto-resize Guest Display
> Take Screenshot...
> Video Capture
> Remote Display
> Menu Bar
> Status Bar
> Scale Factor
> Virtual Screen Resize
> Virtual Screen Mapping
> =============================
> Input Drop-down Checkbox List
> =============================
> Keyboard
> Mouse Integration
> =============================
> Devices
> =============================
> Hard Disks
> Optical Drives
> Floppy Drives
> Network
> Webcams
> Shared Folders
> Shared Clipboard
> Drag and Drop
> Insert Guest Additions CD image...
> If you want to remain with VB version 4.x, I believe you can select 
> "Preferences" (I hope I am remembering this correctly) and enable 
> "Auto-resize Guest Display" and "Adjust Window Size".  If they are not 
> there, they are somewhere in another tab's options.
> I figured everything out a couple of years ago and with the proper 
> configuration have since been able to resize a VM's window and the 
> VM's guest OS resizes its window appropriately to fit within the VM's 
> resized window.
> Anyway, I hope this helps and good luck!
> On Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 10:06 AM, Jim Showalter 
> <jim.showalter at <mailto:jim.showalter at>> wrote:
>     Gary,
>     I appreciate the info and successfully installed the additions
>     (took me awhile to figure out how to
>     add an optical drive and do some other stuff).  Anyway, this will
>     probably be useful in the future but it didn't solve my immediate
>     problem.  I included a screen capture of what I am seeing.  The
>     black portion is the maximum I can enlarge the screen or guest
>     startup console (scaled version just makes everything bigger).  
>     It is 80 cols by 30 rows.   The white borders get larger as I
>     increase the window size.  When I started up a gui (lxde I
>     believe) it simply ran in the "black" terminal area.
>     I noticed that in the guest "view" menu item there was a "Virtual
>     Screen 1" drop down menu that was set on 640x480 and everything
>     was grayed out.
>     Now I did have success using ssh and could enlarge the interface
>     as required but eventually I may want to run a GUI within the
>     guest platform as though it were a local machine (i.e. run in full
>     screen mode to hide my host OS background).
>     I appreciate the help and will keep investigating.
>     Regards,
>     Jim
>     On 7/15/2017 9:32 PM, Gary Brown wrote:
>>     Peter is correct about the Guest Additions as well.  You do have
>>     to have them installed on the VM for two-way interaction between
>>     your desktop (mouse, etc) and the VM's desktop, which will happen
>>     the way you want if you enable everything in the User Interface
>>     as I instructed earlier.
>>     If you have not done so, you can install the Guest Additions
>>     through the following.
>>     - Boot up your VM.
>>     - Log in to the VM.
>>     - On the VM window, _not_ the VM's desktop, click on Devices,
>>     then Optical Drives, and then VBoxGuestAdditions.iso.  This will
>>     mount the Guest Additions ISO into your VM's "optical drive".
>>     - Run the installation, which will download the source files and
>>     compile and install them. You will have to give the superuser
>>     password in order for the installation to proceed.
>>     - When done, click again on the VBoxGuestAdditions.iso to "eject"
>>     and dismount the ISO image.
>>     At this point you should be up and running with bi-directional
>>     interactivity between your system's desktop and the VM's desktop.
>>     On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 7:51 AM, Gary Brown <uvugdbrown at
>>     <mailto:uvugdbrown at>> wrote:
>>         This is actually a VirtualBox question.
>>         I am using VirtualBox version 5.0.20.
>>         Start up VirtualBox and click on the VM you wish to manage
>>         but do not start it.
>>         Click on the Settings icon up above the list of VMs to open
>>         the Settings dialog box.  You must click on the Settings icon
>>         because the settings you want to enable are not visible when
>>         you click on the VM name.  Clicking on the Settings icon
>>         opens a separate Settings dialog box with a User Interface
>>         option.
>>         Click on User Interface at the bottom left.
>>         Click on View to display the settings for viewing a
>>         VirtualBox VM's screen.
>>         Check everything on in the list so all the View features are
>>         enabled.
>>         I have everything checked on and can resize my VM window at
>>         any time and do what you desire of your VM.
>>         Enjoy!
>>         On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 7:01 AM, Jim Showalter
>>         <jim.showalter at
>>         <mailto:jim.showalter at>> wrote:
>>             Forgot to include the list on reply.
>>             -------- Forwarded Message --------
>>             Subject: 	Re: (rtd) Re: [mininet-discuss] Problem with
>>             Mininet Ubuntu14.04 32 bit console rows and columns
>>             Date: 	Fri, 14 Jul 2017 19:25:22 -0400
>>             From: 	Jim Showalter <jim.showalter at>
>>             <mailto:jim.showalter at>
>>             To: 	Bob Lantz <rlantz at>
>>             <mailto:rlantz at>
>>             Thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, the problem persists.  Imagine you
>>             are running Ubuntu in the VirtualBox window.  When you enlarge the VB
>>             window, the internal Ubuntu  console or even gui stays centered with
>>             white borders and doesn't change size.   If I scale the image, it just
>>             makes the font bigger (but distorted if I don't maintain the aspect
>>             ratio).  Ideally, I would like full screen mode for the virtual box and
>>             have that also apply to the Ubuntu or whatever ovf file I'm running
>>             without any font changes.  I guess I will keep looking.
>>             Regards,
>>             Jim
>>             On 7/14/2017 5:41 PM, Bob Lantz wrote:
>>             > This is more of a linux question. You can adjust the Linux console size (google it) but probably the easiest thing to do is to install virtualbox tools and a GUI. I recommend lxde, which is reasonably functional without being bloated.
>>             >
>>             >
>>             <>
>>             >
>>             >
>>             >> On Jul 14, 2017, at 12:42 PM, Jim Showalter<jim.showalter at>
>>             <mailto:jim.showalter at>  wrote:
>>             >>
>>             >> I am unable to change the columns beyond 80 or rows beyond 30 using stty.  It takes for smaller values but I get an invalid argument error for larger ones.  I prefer a larger screen without affecting font size.  I am running this in VirtualBox on a Windows 10 platform.   I have searched using various related keywords to no avail.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>>             >>
>>             >> Regards,
>>             >> Jim
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