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[multilingual-dh] multilingual-dh Digest, Vol 6, Issue 2

Quinn Dombrowski qad at
Wed Feb 5 09:01:06 PST 2020

Hello Till,

Thanks for mentioning CLARIN and the CLARIAH connection. My understanding is that it shouldn’t really matter here: how things operate on the ground in member countries varies, but on the ERIC (European research infrastructure) level, DARIAH and CLARIN are separate orgs with their own rules and policies. I don’t know many folks involved with the CLARIN leadership, but I’ve been involved in the “DARIAH Beyond Europe” project, where we ended up concluding that the DARIAH “working group” structure is probably the easiest fit for people outside the member countries to get involved.

If you’re willing to lend a hand with the submission, that’d be great! I’ve heard back from the DARIAH CIO and they pointed us to the templates and paperwork that need to be filled out. I’ll work on getting a draft going, and loop you and Svenja in on it.


On February 3, 2020 at 11:11:57 PM, Till Grallert (till.grallert at<mailto:till.grallert at>) wrote:

Dear all,

To which extent is it relevant that DARIAH and CLARIN are in the process of being fused into CLARIAH (at least in some of the member states)?

I am currently at an institute that is located in the Middle East and whose research focusses on the societies of the mostly Arabic speaking Eastern Mediterranean. Therefore the issues at stake are of vital importance to our work. On the other hand we are part of both CLARIN-D and DARIAH-DE through the Max Weber Foundation. If you need help for the submission, I am willing to chip in some work.

All the best,


Till Grallert, PhD
Research Associate
Orient-Institut Beirut<>

Co-organiser Digital Humanities Institute – Beirut<>
Open Arabic Periodical Editions<>
Project Jarāʾid: A Chronology of Nineteenth Century Arabic Periodicals<>

Rue Hussein Beyhoum 44
Zokak el-Blat
P.O.B. 11-2988,  Beirut

On 4. Feb 2020, at 05:01, multilingual-dh-request at<mailto:multilingual-dh-request at> wrote:

Message: 1
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 21:41:32 +0000
From: Quinn Dombrowski <qad at<mailto:qad at>>
To: Multilingual digital humanities
<multilingual-dh at<mailto:multilingual-dh at>>, G?lden, Svenja
<sguelden at<mailto:sguelden at>>
Subject: Re: [multilingual-dh] Submitter for DARIAH working group
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Wonderful! Thanks, Svenja!

I think any number of us can be co-leads (regardless of geography), but one of the leads needs to be in an official member country. So if you?re willing to be the official member person, that?d be perfect!

Here?s the policy statement on working groups:

Apparently all the materials you have to fill out are on the wiki (as described on p 11-12), but I don?t have access to the wiki.

Sally Chambers recommended emailing the DARIAH CIO team to get the process started, so if it?s okay by you, I?ll email them and cc you as our official submitter, and we?ll see what they send us from there?


On February 3, 2020 at 1:37:40 PM, G?lden, Svenja (sguelden at<mailto:sguelden at><mailto:sguelden at>) wrote:

Dear all,

just to let you know real quick. I?m im Germany ( a DARIAH country) and (of course) I do have a DARIAH account.
Quinn, can you give me a bit more information? I did follow the discussion only in parts.

All the best,


Svenja A. G?lden, M. A.
? Arbeitsstellenleiterin ?

AKU ? Alt?gyptische Kursivschriften

Arbeitsstelle der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur | Mainz
sguelden at<mailto:sguelden at><mailto:sguelden at>
guelden at<mailto:guelden at><mailto:guelden at><><><><>

Am 03.02.2020 um 22:11 schrieb Lorella Viola <lorellav at<mailto:lorellav at>>:

Hi Quinn,

This is a great idea! I was in the Netherlands for two years which is the founding country and I know the consortium well.
Now I'm based in Luxembourg which is a partner country. Incidentally, the country's coordinator is the director of the research institute where I work (what are the chances, huh?).
Anyway, I am happy to submit as long as the process is not too lengthy as with the recent relocation I have a lot on my plate. Perhaps we can Skype so you can brief me in?
If there is someone else who wants to take the lead, I'm of course happy to step back.

Thank you for being so proactive for the group, Quinn.

All the best,


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From: multilingual-dh <multilingual-dh-bounces at<mailto:multilingual-dh-bounces at>> on behalf of Quinn Dombrowski <qad at<mailto:qad at>>
Sent: Monday, February 3, 2020 9:46:39 PM
To: Multilingual digital humanities <multilingual-dh at<mailto:multilingual-dh at>>
Subject: [multilingual-dh] Submitter for DARIAH working group proposal?

Dear all,

Now that we have the ADHO SIG submission in (though it sounds like it most likely won?t be approved until the CO meeting at DH 2020), I?m looking for someone in a DARIAH member country ( who could officially submit a proposal (probably largely borrowed from the ADHO proposal) for Multilingual DH to become a DARIAH working group, too. (DARIAH working group status, unlike ADHO SIG status, comes with a small amount of funding.) I?m happy to wrangle the process and paperwork, but since I?m not in a member country, I can?t actually be the primary person doing the submission. Any volunteers?


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