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[p4-feedback] Problems with data properties and disjointness

S Essaid sielists at
Wed Apr 22 02:34:45 PDT 2009


Several observations:

1.  Disjoint declarations in RDF/XML not being recognized when file is
opened. I attached an example file (DisjointNotReadIn.owl) and P4 will not
show the disjoint declaration in this OWL file. This is not a problem if
OWL/XML is used.

2.  If I declare three data properties ("a", "b", "c"), select "a", click
disjoint icon, select "b" and "c" (in the same window, not one at a time),
then all three are declared all different. This is not what I meant, "b" and
"c" should not be disjoint from each other. It seams that selecting more
than one property in the disjoint selection window is interpreted as
indicating that all properties involved should be declared all disjoint.

3. When I tried to correct the error in 2 by selecting "b" and removing "c"
as a disjoint (by clicking on "a" from the disjoint selection window that
started with both "a" and "c" highlighted), then "c" lost its declaration as
being disjoint from "a". Then if I select "c" in the list of properties and
try to add "a" as a disjoint property, nothing happens. If I go to "a" and
try to add "c" as a disjoint, again nothing happens.

4.  Here are files for each of the following steps. File
correctingalldisjoint.1.owl is after issue 2 above. File
correctingalldisjoint.2.owl is after issue 3 above.

5.  Another interesting situation can be reproduced like this (I was using
Create aa, bb, cc as data properties.
Select aa and click disjoint properties.
Select both bb and cc and click ok. (all disjoint will created for aa, bb,
Select bb and double click the disjoint statement, both aa and cc will be
highlighted, click on aa and then ok. The all disjoint is now removed
(looking at the RDF/XML)
Select cc and click disjoint properties, aa is highlighted, click aa again
and then ok. Nothing happens.
Select aa and click disjoint properties icon. Click cc and then ok. Nothing
happens to aa. Look at bb, cc was add as a disjoint to bb instead of cc
being added to aa.
After playing around by selecting one of the properties and adding the other
as a disjoint ( I think it was after I selected bb and removed cc as a
disjoint and then came back to bb and tried to add cc again as a disjoint) I
got the RDF/XML shown in the attached interesting.owl file.

6  Some of these issues were tried using object properties and I noticed
some of the same problems.

7  Everything worked as expected if I do not select more than one property
as a disjoint from the selection window. But doing this will not create all
disjoint statements in the RDF/XML  even if they are appropriate. It seams
that applying disjoint properties does not work correctly once an all
disjoint statement is created by selecting more than one disjoint property
from the selection window. Even when all the disjoints are later removed
from all the properties (confirmed by looking at the RDF/XML) the user
interface still does not behave correctly. The ontology has to be closed and
reopened to fix this issue. The lonely all different declaration can be
removed by removing the empty disjoint entry (empty in the GUI) for that

8  Another strange issue is shown in the attached screenshot. I was trying
to add dt:bb as a disjoint property to dt:dd. You can see dt:dd selected on
the left and on the right is the window for selecting the disjoint property.
Notice that dt:aa and its subproperties are not visible in the selection

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