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[p4-feedback] Questions re the Future of 4.0

Miceli, Gino (FOEL) Gino.Miceli at
Thu Apr 23 06:48:27 PDT 2009

Dear Protégé Team,
First of all, I would like to compliment you on a fine job of Protégé so far.
I've been evaluating it to model and maintain some our knowledge bases, and
the tools provided seem quite powerful and well thought out.
I am currently testing against 3.4 since I hope to use Protégé as a backend
for several web-based applications.  Ideally, I would have a frontend which
would present results on the web, and an administrative backend for data
entry.  I have noticed several limitations with 3.4 in these areas, and was
wondering what was slated for 4.0.  In particular:
1) Will concurrent transactions be supported?  Do I understand correctly that
in 3.4 they are synchronized/blocking operations?
2) Are there plans to better isolate the GUI, server and client components of
3) In 3.4, the project and remote project manager are singletons.  This means
a client can only connect to one server project at a time.  Will this
limitation be removed in 4.0?  One problem that I think may be related to
this is that in 3.4 transactions in a particular VM are not fully isolated.
In particular, if I create two sessions in the same application, begin a
transaction in model A, and create a new individual w/o committing, model B
sees the new individual (but the properties are null until A commits).  If A
and B are created in different classloaders/VMs, B does not see the new
individual until A commits. 
4) To what degree will the 4.0 API be compatible with the 3.4 one?  In other
words, if I code to 3.4 for now, how complex will the migration path to 4.0
5) Will the client-server architecture be the same as 3.4? (i.e.
6) When will the above features be released?
7) Lastly, was there any load testing done on Protégé 4.0 (or 3.4 for that
matter?)  I'm curious of what magnitude of data can be reasonably supported
in client-server mode.
Sorry for the flood of questions, but out group must decide in the coming
days if we can use Protégé to model our knowledge, and these answers may
quell concerns and allows us to go forward.
Again, thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to learning more soon!
Best regards,
Gino Miceli
System Development Specialist
Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
Forest Communication Service (FOEL)
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