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[p4-feedback] bug reports and feature requests (1)

Rich Morin rdm at
Tue Apr 28 01:40:01 PDT 2009

Here are some bug reports and feature requests.  I'm numbering
the note because I'm still finding problems and expect to find
more as I go along.  Nothing big here; in fact, mostly nits...



  Power Mac           (2.3 GHz, dual CPU)
  Mac OS X 10.5.6     (Build 9G55)
  Protege Version 4.0 (Build 108)

"close" button in views

  Using the "close" button works, but there does not appear to be a way
  to cause the closed view to return.  I have two suggestions:

    *  Hitting cmd-Z should restore a "close" action.

    *  An added menu item (eg, in the Tab menu) could
       "restore deleted default Views".  Note that this is NOT
       the same as "Reset selected tab to default state", as
       that would force other changes to go away.

"Object property axioms" section of the "Ontology metrics" view:

  Reflecive  [sic] object properties axioms count
  Irrefexive [sic] object properties axioms count

"Welcome to Protege" dialog:

  "Open recent" lists entries such as:
  regardless of whether ~rdm/ontologies or the sub-directory (etc)
  exists.  Quitting and restarting Protege eliminates these...

  "Create new OWL" uses the same view settings each time; there
  doesn't appear to be any (reasonable) way to reset them to the
  "factory defaults".

  Dialog sometimes returns in an inappropriate size (eg, too small
  for text)


  I see a number of files named protege_preferences.*.plist
  Ideally, these should be called edu.stanford.bmir.*.plist, using
  reverse DNS naming to ensure uniqueness.


Class Usage View in Classes tab

  In the Camera Ontology, "Thing" is truncated to "Thi" in
  "Found 5 uses of Thing".

OWLViz tab

  If dot(1) is not available in the expected location, the same error
  dialog shows up several times (probably once for each diagram P4 is
  trying to create), so the user has to dismiss it several times.

  OWLViz should at least TRY looking for dot(1) on the PATH.

  How do I get OWLViz to try dot(1) again?  (Refresh User Interface
  should do this, but doesn't.)

Background colors of View headers

  It appears that the background color of a View header is tied to
  the View's category (eg, Class, Individual).  However, some View
  headers don't follow this pattern:

    View        Tab
    ====        ===
    Query       DL Query
    OWLViz      OWLViz

  Also, split and floated views do not maintain the same background
  color as the original view.

Refresh User Interface

  This removes the visible indication of selection from (say) the Data
  Properties View, but does not actually de-select the View.
--            Rich Morin     rdm at     +1 650-873-7841

Technical editing and writing, programming, and web development

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