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[p4-feedback] Eclipse issues still with view components

Timothy Redmond tredmond at
Thu Apr 8 07:51:55 PDT 2010

On 04/08/2010 12:20 AM, Wesley Saunders wrote:
> So I tried really hard to follow those included instructions in 
> but I still 
> see a: "No Plugins detected" messsage when I run eclipse.

I can see how this message could be alarming and I added some text to 
the portion of the wiki that describe starting Protege in eclipse.  In 
fact if you get this message and Protege starts up (you get a welcome 
screen and protege can open files) then things are actually going well.  
When Protege is run in eclipse using the OSGi framework runnable, 
eclipse finds the plugins for Protege.  Protege looks for a plugin 
directory and doesn't find one.   When Protege is run from distribution, 
Protege needs to load the plugins by scanning the plugins directory.

If you enter the command "status" in the console you will see some very 
detailed output about the state of the run.  Near the top of this output 
there will be some lines describing the plugins that have been loaded.  
This list is detailed and will include some plugins that you won't 
recognize.  But you should be able to see some of the standard Protege 
plugins up there (e.g. org.protege.common, 
org.protege.editor.core.application, org.protege.editor.owl) and perhaps 
your plugin.
> Can anyone just provide a simple step by step process for developing 
> with eclipse?

It sounds like you are on the right track.  If you need more diagnosis, 
let us know what isn't working.  There are also some files that you can 
send.  If you are having trouble with a plugin setup, can send your 
plugin.xml and MANIFEST.  There are also files in the .metadata 
directory in your workspace called "*.launch".  These are harder to find 
and read but may give a hint about what could be going wrong if you are 
having more generic problems with eclipse.
> I can create a new plugin project but after that the manifest help 
> page that eclipse shows is pretty foreign to me. Also it appears to 
> XML file is made for you so it looks like I need to make one of those.

Eclipse provides many tools that will ease the editing of the manifest.  
If you want to see the manifest in its raw form - as shown in the 
tutorial - open the manifest in eclipse and then look at the bottom of 
the manifest editor view for the MANIFEST.MF tab.  Clicking this will 
show you the raw contents of the manifest.

The manifest format is finicky.  The two main gotchas are the fact that 
the line continuation is a newline followed by a space and the manifest 
file must end in a newline.
> Also please note I am trying to develop some View Components. And 
> thank you for any help, its been nice to find these responsive and 
> nice mailing lists to help me with this work, as it is really the 
> first stuff I've done outside of the classroom.
> From what I understand the method to develop a view component goes:
>    1. Create a new project (plugin type I assume)
>    1. Set up the dependencies (This is the part that I really cant
>       figure out how to do)
The template manifest [1] is a good starting point.
>    1. Write some code for a view component
>    2. Run Protege with the ant build (Or do i need to include the new
>       project somehow?)
I am a believer in build files but since you have the plugin environment 
running in eclipse, you can always start by just running Protege with an 
OSGi framework runnable for your initial tests.  Generally you don't 
need to do anything - when you create the new plugin project it will get 
added to the runnable.  But if you are uncertain look at the runnable 
and you will be able to see if your plugin is included.  When you are 
thinking about distribution of your plugin and about sharing the 
development with other developers, you should then consider adding a 
build.xml file.



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