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[protege-dev] I'm having problems when I try to debug and run from the IDE

Manuel Enrique Puebla Martinez mpuebla at
Tue Feb 14 05:57:58 PST 2017


Some have been interested in what are the modifications that you did to the Protégé code 's , to find possible errors in these changes . However , as I already told you in the previous post, the exception is thrown in the line " framework.start ", belonging to the method "start" , class "Launcher" . This indicates that it is launched before the execution of my changes . 

I think , that the error relates to 4 dependencies of maven that I joined the "pom.xml" file , they are : 





What do you think ? 

My apologies, but I'm not familiar with the github repository. For this reason, I have shared a copy of my project at the following address: 

I ask you to help me identify this error that has me stopped. 

I forgot to tell you that this project works under the following assumptions: 

1) There is a PostgreSQL database server on the local PC. 
2) On the server there is a database called "DBGIR". In it the "Property Assertion Axiom", belonging to the individuals stored in the file owl, are stored. 

3) The password for the server is: jemnmgrec 

In the "refill" method of class "OWLDataPropertyAssertionAxiomFrameSection" that is in "org.protege.editor.owl.ui.frame.individual" (line number 60), the constructor of my Ontology class is invoked. The first parameter is the directory where the owl file is. 

You must make the necessary modifications to make the communication between the owl file and the database work properly. 

I am attaching an owl file and a database backup for testing. 

Best Regards, Manuel Puebla. 

Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 16:22:53 +0000 

From: Josef Hardi < johardi at > 

To: Developer support for WebProtege and Protege Desktop 

< protege-dev at > 

Subject: Re: [protege-dev] I'm having problems when I try to debug 

from the IDE 

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What is your Github address for the project? 


On Feb 8, 2017 , at 12:37 PM, Manuel Enrique Puebla Martinez < mpuebla at < mailto:mpuebla at >> wrote: 

I have no problem, when I make an "mvn clean package" to the original Prot?g? code. I managed to execute and debug without any problem, because of that I was able to learn how Prot?g? works. The problem occurs when I add my class and enumerative package. It compiles well, but when I try to execute or debug, the error already commented appears. If you consider it, I can send you my project with the changes made to the source code of Prot?g?, there are not many so far. I just modified the "refill" method of the "OWLDataPropertyAssertionAxiomFrameSection" class that is in 
"Org.protege.editor.owl.ui.frame.individual", in order to extract the "Property assertions" from my ontology that are in a Databases and not in the OWL file. 

Attached file "protect.log". 
I am incorporating functionalities into the Prot?g? project. But I'm having problems when I try to debug from the IDE Eclipse. 
I added a package called "org.protege.editor.owl.bigontology", inside I added my classes and enumerative types. Everything compiles well when I do an "mvn clean package", I attach an image of the result in the console. However, when I try to debug from Eclipse, I get an error message: "An error occurred that prevent Prot?g? from Starting", also attached the image. " 
I have been reviewing the code and detected that the exception is thrown in the line "framework.start ();", belonging to the method "start", class "Launcher". 

Within the "start" method, the error occurs when the following line of code is executed: 
"// Send a framework event to indicate the framework has started. 
FireFrameworkEvent (FrameworkEvent.STARTED, this, null); " 

Within the "fireFrameworkEvent" method, only the following line of code is executed: 
"M_dispatcher.fireFrameworkEvent (new FrameworkEvent (type, bundle, throwable));" 

"Type" = 1, "bundle" is an information object and "throwable" = null; 

Any help that allows me to identify the reason for the error? 

Best regards. 

La @universidad_uci es Fidel. Los jóvenes no fallaremos.

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