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[protege-discussion] Protege 3.4 Release Candidate 1 (build 526)

Jennifer Vendetti vendetti at
Fri Feb 13 19:23:31 PST 2009

There is a new build available on our Web site:

**PLEASE NOTE - This is a candidate build for the 3.4 release.  We
encourage you to try this build and report any bugs before they become
part of an official release.

Changes in Collaborative Protege
- Made the following improvements to Collaborative Protege's user interface:

a) "Reply" and "New Thread" icons were replaced with buttons (users felt
that icons were not intuitive enough).
b) The word "annotation" was replaced throughout with "notes", which we
feel is more user-friendly.
c) Panels in the collaboration tab were renamed to Entity notes,
Ontology notes, All notes, Search, and Chat.
d) The All notes panel shows an overview of all notes in the ontology
(ontology & entity notes grouped by entity). This will allow users to
see all notes, even if they are "hidden" somewhere deep in the class
e) Collaboration tabs now have a refresh button that reloads all notes
in the tab. This is similar to "Check Mail" functionality in email clients.
f) Notes are now shown in chronological order.
g) The Collaboration User's Guide is now accessible via a menu item.

- Easier activation of the collaboration panel is now possible using the
"Collaboration" menu. Users can can show/hide the panel at any time
during a Protege work session.

- It is no longer necessary to activate the Changes tab to create the
Changes and Annotations ontology (ChAO). The ChAO will be created
automatically (if not already present) when users activate the
collaboration panel via the Collaboration menu.

- Improved performance of the collaboration features in client-server
mode by caching notes on the client-side.

- Updated user's guide is available on the wiki [1].

Changes in Protege Client-Sever
- Client-server compression is working! This can provide a 10x reduction
in network traffic between a Protege client and the server. Compression
is turned on by default.

- A new administrative user interface for the Protege server is
available. You can access this UI through the server login panel if the
"Administer server" check box is selected. Examples of functionality
available through the administrative UI are:

a) Ability to see a list of all server sessions. A user with the
appropriate permissions can kill other users sessions.
b) Ability to see a list of all server projects and project status
(ready, shutting down, closed for maintenance).
c) Selecting a server project allows you to view statistics such as
connected users, cache hit rate, server backlog, and transaction status.
d) Server projects can be shut down for maintenance without stopping the
Protege server. When a project is shut down on the server, several
notifications are sent to connected clients. Shutdowns can be scheduled
to happen in a certain time interval and can also be cancelled if necessary.
e) The "Control" tab allows users with appropriate permissions to shut
down the Protege server.
f) Detailed documentation of the adminstrative user interface is
available on our wiki [2].

- We updated the metaproject ontology [3]. Instances of the server class
allow addition of policies that apply to the server as a whole. Existing
metaprojects will be updated automatically when the server starts and no
information will be lost. After the metaproject updates, we recommend
that you change the layout of the Server class in the Forms tab to be
the same as that of the Project class. This will make it easier to edit
server policies.

- New policies enforced in the user interface and API are:

a) Administer server
b) Kill other users' sessions
c) Project shutdown
d) Project start
e) Server shut down

- Clean shutdown of clients if remote projects are shut down.

- Clean shutdown of clients if the server connection is lost. A dialog
box will inform clients of the lost connection.

- New methods are available in the RemoteServer interface for server

- Updated documentation is available on our wiki [4].

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- Fixed problems with slow searching in the OWLClasses tab.

- Previously, Protege-OWL reported certain property values more than
once. Since OWL property values are sets, not multi-sets, this was
problematic. A new flag allows constraint of all values to sets, hence
removing duplicates.

- Parser fixes for classes that are types of themselves and for untyped

- Performance improvement in client-server mode (the expression root and
the operands of OWLNAryClass are computed on the server).

- Fix for a low level call that caused SPARQL queries to throw
occasional exceptions.

Changes in Lucene Query
- Improved performance of the Lucene Query Tool in client-server mode.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [5].

Best Regards,
The Protege Team


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