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[protege-discussion] Fw: WebProtege

Anna Burla ANNABU at
Tue Nov 10 04:28:37 PST 2009

Hello Tania,
Thanx a lot for your answer!
I saw that you also answered afterward about infinite loop.
We will wait for bug fix.
I have one more issue in web protege:
Suppose we have class A and he has equivalent class B and son class C.
Protege (3 and 4) shows this right in the class tree:
And it appears in Webprotege like this:
The problem is that also equivalent classes and son classes appear at same
degree of the tree.
Can u please check this issue?
Thanx a lot,

  From:       Tania Tudorache <tudorache at>                                                      
  To:         User support for Core Protege and the Protege-Frames editor                                   
              <protege-discussion at>                                                     
  Date:       05/11/2009 19:49                                                                              
  Subject:    Re: [protege-discussion] WebProtege                                                           

Hi Anna,

We have a collaborator that implemented a big part of the WebProtege
backend with the OWL-API, but it is not yet released. We do plan to have it
soon. As much as possible we would like to use more of the OWL-API. There
are some complex functionalities that we do not have yet working with the
OWL-API (e.g. collaboration, extensions to SWRL, etc.), and this is an

On the other hand, you should be able to use most Protege 4 ontologies in
Protege 3 and WebProtege. There shouldn't be an infinite cycle in P3. Can
you send us an example OWL file with this problem? You can send the file
also off-line.

The Login problem is fixed in the next WebProtege release. The Login button
is now in the top right corner of WebProtege (similar to the iGoogle page),
and it is single sign-on for all ontologies, which makes sense.

The list of ontologies that are shown in MyWebProtege tab are also
controlled by the access policies: you will only see the ontologies for
which you have read access.

We plan to have the new WebProtege release sometimes this month.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Anna Burla" <ANNABU at>
To: protege-discussion at
Sent: Thursday, November 5, 2009 7:53:01 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: [protege-discussion] WebProtege

I am using Protege 4 for creating and viewing our ontology.
I want to use WebProtege and found few problematic issues:.
1) WebProtege works only with Protege 3.4 that doesn't support well owl
files that were created in protege 4. It creates infinite loops in classes
tree. Is it known issue?
2) On "My web protege" page there is no "login" icon. And only when I enter
some project, I see "login" option.
Now if I logg in I still don't see projects that have "read/write" access
for specific user and not "world" group. How can I by-pass this problem?
All that I want is to define project that not all "world" group can see,
but only few users.
Thanx a lot in advance,

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