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[protege-discussion] Protege-web question

Ron Schultz rcaschultz at
Wed Sep 9 20:47:35 PDT 2009

Just wondering if any further progress had been made on documenting the
configuration.xml. I have built and compiled Web Protege per the development
guide with no issues, and started experimenting with the
PropertyFieldPortlet. Getting a feel for it but feel like I am navigating a
bit in the dark. Any pointers would be much appreciated. An example using
the NewsPaper project would probably be helpful since I am unfamiliar with
ICD. I see the tabbed interface but am unsure what connects to what. See
many references to and not sure why. My understanding (better
stated - guessing :-)) of the configuration XML is as follows:

Within the configuration.ICD.XML reviewed specifically for the Property
Field Portlet definition, I am guessing at the following:

The first name element in the XML points to the Java class name for the
portlet. This is followed by an element for the height specification and end
element for the width specification. I can see the height specification
being set to 600 but also see the width specified as zero. I am assuming a
width of zero causes the portlet to automatically size.

Next there is a properties element defining all of the individual properties
for each each form to be displayed within the portlet. For the ICD example a
tabbed form is to be displayed as signified by the string element "tabs"
defined within the first and only entry element (at this level within the
XML hierarchy).

Besides a string element, the entry element also contains a list element.
This list element contains all the forms that need to be displayed. Each
form is defined as a map of entries contained within the list.

The first entry in the map contains the title of the form. The first string
in the entry is the term "title". The second string is the actual text to be
placed into the title.

The second entry in the map references the instance name being operated
against within a string element. The second entry also contains a map of
entries. These subsequent entries define what fields from the instance are
to be displayed and how to render them.

These subsequent entries provide the details of how to display each property
field. The last entry contains the string "index" and another string for the
value of the index. I am not entirely sure what this is used for.

So I guess my fundamental question is how do I connect the dots? Assuming I
was using the newspaper project and I wanted to build a property field
portlet to allow editing for specific properties associated with an author,
how exactly do I connect the selection of an instance of an author to the
property field portlet for its display?

Any thoughts or guidance or corrections to the above would be much



On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 3:09 PM, Tania Tudorache <tudorache at>wrote:

> Hi Avi,
> As you have probably read, WebProtege is intended to be highly
> customizable. We are trying to get there, but there is still work to be
> done. So please bear with us :)
> There are many things that you can configure right now. For example, which
> tabs to load and which portlets for a certain project is controlled by the
> project configuration file, that you can find in the
> webprotege/war/projectConfigurations/configuration.xml.
> The configuration.xml file is the default layout for all projects. If you
> want your own configuration for a project, load the project into webprotege,
> login with your user name, close or add tabs and portlets, and then click on
> "Save Layout". You will see that a new configuration file is generated
> called:
> configuration_YourProjectName_YourUserName.xml
> This file stores the project config per project and user. If you want to
> have a default project config for all users, then just rename
> configuration_YourProjectName_YourUserName.xml
> to
> configuration_YourProjectName.xml
> If you look inside the configuration xml files you will see that the whole
> layout is described. For instance, you will see which portlets go in which
> column of a tab, and any additional properties of the portlets.
> There is a very powerful editing portlet, called the PropertyFieldPortlet,
> that is not yet documented (lack of time), but it is included in the
> distribution. This portlet allows you to edit the values of an instance or
> class using forms (textfields, grids, etc.). Unfortunately, you will need to
> configure the layout of this portlet by hand in the xml file. There is an
> example config file in war/projectConfigurations/ICD 1.5_No user.xml that
> you can use for inspiration. We will document all this, once we get over
> some important internal deadlines.
> Now coming back to your question. I have just committed an enhancement in
> SVN that allows you to specify in the project configuration file, the
> instances of which class to show in the individuals list portlet.
> You will need to edit the configuration file manually, and edit the entries
> (example for Newspaper project and Article class):
> <portlet>
> <name>edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.ontology.individuals.IndividualsListPortlet</name>
>           <height>0</height>
>           <width>0</width>
>           <properties>                         <entry>
>                   <string>showOnlyClass</string>
>                   <string>Article</string>
>               </entry>
>           </properties>
> </portlet>
> This enhancement is only in SVN, not in the current build. So, if you need
> it, you will have to compile WebProtege yourself. It is not hard to do,
> basically just run the ant file with the target "deploy" and it will
> generate a new war file. But, first, you will need edit the
> file with the paths on your computer.
> Alternatively, you can use the Eclipse development guide that is still work
> in progress, but it should work:
> You do not need to build WebProtege yourself, if you can wait until we'll
> do the next release.
> I'm coping this email on the mailing list, because it may be of interest to
> others and we should continue the discussion there.
> Tania
> Avi Rozental wrote:
>> Dear Jennifer, Tania,
>> We are using the protege for a while and now trying to use the web version
>> (it looks great).
>> Our setup is OK, and we can run the example and load our ontology fine.
>> Now, we are trying to change the looks, so that we can control and load
>> different tabs.
>> For example we have a class called message, and we want to load just a
>> list of the messages in a separate tab (we are trying to use the
>> IndividualsListPortlet). and when click on an individual item, to show the
>> values in a separate tab.
>> So far no luck...
>> Is this possible? Can you please point us in the right direction?
>> We are using the following software versions:
>> Eclipse 3.4.1
>> Protege 3.4
>> Web-protege 1.7.0
>> Many thanks,
>> Kind Regards,
>> Avi rozental
>> Anatxt solutions R&D
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