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[protege-discussion] question about web protege layout configuration

Tania Tudorache tudorache at
Tue Aug 31 14:32:51 PDT 2010

Hi Jie,

Please see inline.

On 08/31/2010 10:18 PM, Jie Zheng wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> Thanks for your reply.
> Actually I add the new tab by checking the example of ICD project and 
> copy the "change history" part with minor modification. The part I 
> added to the configuration file are shown below:
> ..... (Individual tab)
> </tab>
> <tab>
> <name></name>
> <label>Change History</label>
> <properties>
> <entry>
> <string>closable</string>
> <boolean>false</boolean>
> </entry>
> </properties>
> <columns>
> <column>
> <width>0.40</width>
> <portlets>
> <portlet>
> <name>edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.ontology.classes.ClassTreePortlet</name> 
> <height>600</height>
> <width>200</width>
> </portlet>
> </portlets>
> </column>
> <column> <width>0.60</width>
> <portlets>
> <portlet>
> <name>edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.ontology.changes.ChangesPortlet</name> 
> <height>600</height>
> </portlet>
> </portlets>
> </column>
> </columns>
> <controllingPortlet reference="../columns/column/portlets/portlet" 
> ></controllingPortlet>
> </tab>
> <tab>
> ....... (Notes tab)
> The title of the 'change portlet' changed when I navigated to 
> different entity in the class Tab. The issue is the changes I made of 
> the entity didn't shown and not indicate there is changes made in the 
> class portlets. The changes I made is the definition and annotation 
> property of a class. I am wondering  whether this kind modification 
> will be recorded or the change of classes will be automatically 
> recorded if there is annotation projected associated with the ontology 
> project.

Please check that the annotation project is associated correctly with 
the main project. In the pprj file when opened in standalone mode, you 
also need to enable the collaboration tab, or have the change tracking 
flag enabled (Project menu -> Options -> Track changes), otherwise, 
changes are not tracked. To check if changes are tracked, please connect 
to the Protege server with a Protege client, and open the Changes Tab 
and see if your changes are recorded there. If they are not, it means 
that you need to do one of the 2 things I mentioned above (enable collab 
panel, or enable change tracking). If you did one of the two options, 
and it still does not work, please check the metaproject that the 
annotations project has the correct path and that it is associated with 
the main project.

> I did go through the webprotege layout wiki page:
> However, I cannot find which portlets can be used in which predefined 
> tab. Another thing, using the predefined Tab, it looks like you still 
> need to define where and which portlets you would like to add, right?

Any portlet can be added in any tab.

> Thanks again for your help.
> Jie
> Jack Elliott wrote:
>> Hi Jie,
>> I certainly would expect the Changes Portlet to work in a user 
>> defined tab, but there are a few details in the configuration that we 
>> should be sure of. The controllingPortlet tag should be set properly. 
>> This element is should be added after your final columns element, 
>> before the closing </tab> tag.
>> It is important that the Class Tree Portlet be the first and only 
>> element in the first column defined in the xml until you're 
>> comfortable with the configuration process. If this is the case, then 
>> your controllingPortlet should look like this:
>> <controllingPortlet reference="../columns/column/portlets/portlet"/>
>> The controlling portlet tag 'points' to the Class Tree Portlet, which 
>> allows the other portlets to be driven from the selections made in 
>> that widget. You've almost certainly seen the page below, but I'm 
>> sending it through as it contains good configuration examples and a 
>> more detailed discussion of the controlling portlet:
>> The only advantage to using the predefined tab is that you don't have 
>> to configure the layout yourself. It is easier to use, but much less 
>> flexible than going with a user defined tab. I hope this has been 
>> helpful!
>> thanks,
>> Jack
>> On 08/30/2010 03:13 PM, Jie Zheng wrote:
>>> I am working on changing the layout of the ontology projects 
>>> displayed on the WebProtege.
>>> In the WebProtege layout configuration wiki page, it listed some 
>>> predefined Tabs and Portlets. By using 
>>> “” Tab, I 
>>> can add whatever portlets I need in it. Therefore, is there any 
>>> advantage to use predefined tab? Is any restriction of Portlets can 
>>> be used in a given predefined Tab?
>>> I am interested to show the change history of the terms in my 
>>> ontology. The ontology with an associated annotation project. I 
>>> added a “” 
>>> Tab with two Portlets, 
>>> “edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.ontology.classes.ClassTreePortlet” 
>>> and 
>>> “edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.ontology.changes.ChangesPortlet”. 
>>> I changed the ontology entity by modifying definition and add a new 
>>> annotation property to it. But I did not see any changes recorded 
>>> when I view the change history tab. Did I make mistake in layout 
>>> configuration or this kind of changes won't be recorded?
>>> I found there is a predefined Tab related to change history which 
>>> is"edu. 
>>> stanford.bmir.protege.web.client.ui.ontology.changeanalysis.ChangeAnalysisTab". 
>>> Shall I use that?
>>> Thanks for any help.
>>> Jie
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