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[protege-discussion] slot facet changes not prophagating

Tom Cloyd tomcloydmsma at
Mon Mar 26 13:41:44 PDT 2012

On 03/26/2012 01:08 PM, Timothy Redmond wrote:
> On 3/26/12 5:55 AM, Tom Cloyd wrote:
>> I'm working out my first ontology, and have run into a problem for 
>> which I can find no answer. I'm running ver. 3.4.8 on Kubuntu Linux 
>> 11.10.
> My recommendation would be to use the OWL language for a first 
> ontology because
>  1. The Protege frames language is specific to Protege and is only
>     understood by Protege.  In contrast the OWL language is a w3
>     recommendation and has gained traction with many tools.
>  2. The Protege frames language has never been given a semantics which
>     makes many questions about what the tool should be doing difficult
>     to decide.
>  3. Protege 3 frames is slowly getting phased out.  There are fewer
>     people using it now and these people are largely experts who have
>     been using it for some time and have not yet decided to convert to
>     OWL.
Thank you for this. I've been over the decision of which to use about 3 
times, and frankly was unable to decide with any real confidence. 
"Frames" seems readily (if superficially) understandable, and that was 
attractive. In addition, it seemed reasonable that it might be a decent 
foundation for a later switch to OWL. That was my thinking, anyway, so I 
was getting started with Frames.

Finally, that multiple users could modify the same ontology via a 
client-server setup was appealing (although I do not need this at the 
moment, and have no immediate-future scenarios likely to require it).

So, I'm today switching to OWL. I have no real data in my Frames 
ontology - still setting things up, so the switch is easiest now.

Thank for the recommendation, as well as for the trouble you took to try 
to replicate the problem. Sorry it didn't replicate. Something's clearly 
amiss somewhere, but now it doesn't matter - at least in my case. And 
for the record, I was starting from scratch; I was not doing a project 

Thanks again - for the thorough, helpful, and speedy response. I'm 
excited to have the chance to work with this tool.

Tom Cloyd / tc at / (435) 272-3332
> 1.
>> I set up a slot with a cardinality of "required - at least 1", and a 
>> default value that was a string.
>> What I wanted was for an editable default value to appear in class 
>> instances using the slot.
>> PROBLEM #1: What I got was a NON-editable default value.
> I didn't replicate this.  I did the following steps:
>  1. I started Protege and created a new Protege Files (.pont and
>     .pins) project.
>  2. I created a class A as a subclass of :THING in the classes tab
>  3. I went to the Slots tab and created a new slot, p, gave it a
>     default value of "hello world", gave it a domain of A and made
>     this cardinality required and at least 1.
>  4. I went to the Instances tab and created a new instance of A.  It
>     had a default value of "hello world".
>  5. I changed the default value.
> Everything worked and the ontology is the attached ontology called 
> Version1.*
>> That isn't acceptable, so I went back to edit the slot, removing the 
>> "required", and the default value.
> I did this.  This does not change the existing instance but when I 
> create a new instance the old default value does not take effect.
>> PROBLEM #2: Returning to my class instance, the changes were not 
>> reflected, and the problem of the non-editable default value could 
>> not be fixed (at least by me). My instance was thus not unusable. I 
>> deleted it.
> The existing instances are not changed but I was still able to edit 
> the p slot value.  The ontology that I got at this point is attached 
> as Version2.
>> PROBLEM #3: It got worse: I created a new instance, only to discover 
>> that nothing had been changed. I still got a non-editable default 
>> value. Now it appears that my class has to be reconfigured. What if I 
>> have 1000 instances, and deleting the slot was not an option?
> When I create new instances there is no default value for the p-slot.
>> Can anyone tell me what's going on, and how to fix/prevent these 
>> problems?
> The one thing that I can think of is that you are doing some sort of 
> project inclusion.  There are some rules for what can be changed and 
> what cannot be changed when you do project inclusion.
> -Timothy.
>> Thanks for any assistance you can offer!
>> Tom
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