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[protege-discussion] Find and changa an Individual in a .owl file

Timothy Redmond tredmond at
Mon Jan 27 13:12:12 PST 2014


My guess is that with a little more detail we will be able to quickly 
figure this out.  First, if possible it would be nice to see the ontology.

> I do have an Individual (own#real)

What is the full name of this individual?  If for example, you meant 
that the name is owl:real so that the full name is

then this is probably the source of your problem.  Using reserved names 
(such as the names of datatypes) for your own use can lead to ambiguous 
parsing by different owl parsers.  It is possible that the parser used 
by FaCT++ generated a different in memory version of your ontology than 
the Protege parser did.  It may be a bit tricky to tell by looking at 
the rdf what the full name of the resource is.

> that does not exist in my ontology (it is not shown in Protegé's 
> Indivuduals tab) but exists according to the reasoner (FACT++).

By what means did FaCT++ tell you that the individual exists.  Did you 
run FaCT++ from the command line or otherwise?  This may not be 
important if my guess about your ontology is correct.

> The only similar Individual I have is called Real (notice the CAPS).  
> I cannot use a DL SELECT command either because the reasoner complies 
> about this issue. Thus, I opened the .owl file and found several 
> owl#real occurrences. My question is: can i simply change real by Real 
> in the .owl file with no side affects?

This may have to be done carefully.  If the name of the "individual" in 
question is

then some of these references may represent the real datatype.  You 
would want to only change those that occur as the individual.  You 
should also at some point (maybe after getting this ontology to parse in 
Protege as you expect it) change the namespace of these individuals so 
that they are not in the owl: namespace.

> Version: 4.1

If by this you mean Protege 4.1, I would recommend that you upgrade to 
Protege 4.2 if you can.


> TIA,
> Andre Luiz
> Version: 4.1
> OS: ubuntu 13.10
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