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[protege-owl] Remove JessTab instances from projects

Antonino Lo Bue (gmail) ninokeys at
Sat Sep 9 03:26:16 PDT 2006

Hi Tania, the steps I do to activate JessTab are very simple...
After openining my OWL project, I open the JessTab using
project->configure-> JessTab

that's all

I'm not interested in using SWRL, so there is a solution to this problem?


Antonino Lo Bue

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Tania Tudorache" <tudorache at>
To: "User support for the Protege-OWL editor"
<protege-owl at lists.Stanford.EDU>
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 3:01 AM
Subject: Re: [protege-owl] Remove JessTab instances from projects

> Antonio,
> The JessTab does create some classes (such as ":JESS-RULE"), when you
> start it with a frames ontology and stores instances of rules in the
> ontology if you enable the "save rules in knowledge base" option. But as
> far as I know, it does no create these internal classes and instances,
> if you start it with an OWL ontology. How did you get them in the OWL
> ontology? Maybe it helps if you describe the steps you did when
> activating the Jess tab.
> An alternative for describing and executing rules in OWL ontologies is
> the SWRLTab (, which is
> under very active development. However, you will need to use the latest
> Protege 3.2 beta, because it does not work with Protege 3.1.
> Tania
> Antonino Lo Bue (gmail) wrote:
> >Hi, I'm using Protege 3.1.1 with OWL plugin  and JessTab; When I use
> >to modify the OWL ontology using rules, the plugin write into the OWL
> >instances of Jess stuff, when finished I can't save the file because if I
> >this the file can't be reopened (It generates errors).
> >How can I delete all Jess instances, or make Jess unable to write in the
> >file and into the .pins .pont files?
> >
> >I know that visualizing hidden frames I can manually delete all the
> >JESS...XXX instances but in my project all the Jess classes can't be
> >deleted.
> >
> >There is a non-manual method? It is a bug?
> >
> >Thanks
> >
> >
> >Antonino Lo Bue
> >
> >
> >
> >----- Original Message ----- 
> >From: "Julia Dmitrieva" <jdmitrie at>
> >To: "Protege-OWL mailing list" <protege-owl at lists.Stanford.EDU>
> >Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 11:00 AM
> >Subject: [protege-owl] Knowledge from different ontologies
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >>Hello Protege-OWL-ers,
> >>
> >>I am developing an application that get a
> >>knowledge from different ontologies in aria
> >>of BioInformatics.
> >>At this moment I use SPARQL queries in order
> >>to find the concepts (in different ontologies)
> >>that contains the query string in ID, label or comment
> >>of the classes.
> >>
> >>Now I try to figure out how to connect the concepts
> >>from different ontologies that I have found.
> >>The following step will be of course the getting
> >>extra knowledge from subclass superclass relationships,
> >>from Object properties and datatype properties.
> >>
> >>What is the better manner to do it?
> >>Have I make one common ontology where I can define
> >>the new concepts as union of the concepts that are
> >>close (I mean linguistic close, because they can have
> >>very different structure and can be defined at different
> >>level of granularity).
> >>Can I after that use the reasoner?
> >>Will the reasoner figure out that each
> >>class from the UNION is the subclass of all
> >>the supers from different ontologies. And that the
> >>subclasses of the different ontologies are also
> >>the subclasses of my union?
> >>May be I can use SWRL language to define rules in order
> >>to reason in different ontologies without making the
> >>common ontology. For example I can define this kind of
> >>rules (suppose, that I have found two close concepts A and B
> >>A from one ontology and B from other ontology, now I can define the
> >>following rule :
> >>if A is PROPERTY of C then B is PROPERTY of C.
> >>Have I use Jess for it, I read somewhere that Jess
> >>inferences are not always correct and it is not
> >>open source.
> >>
> >>Please, give me some suggestions, because there are a
> >>lot of possibilities and it is better to choose the good
> >>direction.
> >>Thanks a lot,
> >>Julia
> >>
> >>
> >>
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