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[protege-owl] Hiding identifyers, lang set lang attributes for rdfs:labels

Tania Tudorache tudorache at
Sun Sep 17 17:41:04 PDT 2006


Thanks a lot for the detailed bug report. I have added it to our 
bugzilla ( I will look 
at it in the next weeks and hopefully I will find an easy fix for it.

Until then, you can change the prefix "j:0" in the top ontoogy to 
"protege" and that will fix the display of the fugo concepts.


Schober wrote:

> Hello Tania,
> Hiding identifiers for owl classes with set lang attributes for 
> rdfs:labels at class level still does not work for owl-imported 
> ontologies.
> Here some screenshots illustrating my problem with classes from the 
> imported FuGO that have lang="en" set and which are not being 
> displayed by rdfs:label.
> Have you already tried with the zipped ontology I sent? I would like 
> to see all classes in the hierarchy being displayed by rdfs:label, 
> regardless of lang set on class or on metatab level. Is it somehow 
> possible?
> Cheers, thanks, yours, Daniel.
> Tania Tudorache wrote:
>>I did answer your email on the 08.08.2006, maybe you did not see the 
>>answer. I am attaching it below for your information.
>>If you still think that there is a bug, please send me a small example 
>>ontology where the bug is shown and a description on how you expect it 
>>to behave.
>>I am not sure I understood your email right. I don't see where the bug 
>>is. The browser slots are working fine (at least according to the way 
>>they are implemented). The documentation about the browser slots is here:
>>The rules that Protege uses for setting  the browser text are the 
>>- if no browser slot is set -> use class name (value of slot :NAME)
>>- if browser slot is set to rdfs:label and
>>  1. there is no default language set ->.
>>           - Use the value of  rdfs:label with no lang as display slot.
>>           - If rdfs:label with no lang is not defined at the class, use 
>>the class name
>>  2. there is a default language set (in the Metadata Tab, as described 
>>in the wiki):
>>          - Use the rdfs:label for the language, if defined at class
>>           - If it is not defined at class, use the rdfs:label with no lang
>>           - If rdfs:label with no lang is not defined, then use the 
>>class name.
>>Schober wrote:
>>>Dear Protege developers,
>>>I still have this problem that classes that are imported are displayed
>>>by their :names/rdf:ids and not by their rdfs:labels. This holds true
>>>for all classes that have the "en" xml lang attribute set. Adding the
>>>protege:defaultLanguage annotation property to the metadata section (as
>>>described on
>>>step 5 ) of both ontologies doesn't help either. As soon as I delete the
>>>"en" for the classes rdfs:labels they are displayed by label correctly
>>>as specified in the Forms tab. When I set the lang attribute to "en" it
>>>is immediately displayed by :NAME.
>>>I stated the problem before ( protege-owl  list, 8.8.06), but got no
>>>reply... See that last mail below....
>>>I could send the ontology, so you can try it out and see what I mean....
>>>I would be very thankful for advice.
>>>Best regards,
>>>       Daniel Schober.
>>>Hello Protegeans. I think it is a bug:
>>>Opening an owl ontology using Protege V 3.2 build 322, the browser key
>>>does not show the rdfs:label values for classes that have the lang
>>>attribute set for their rdfs:label (although set correctly to rdfs:label
>>>for the owl:class in the forms tab). This results in an ugly hierarchy
>>>being displayed by protege that shows a mixture of proper class names
>>>(rdfs:label as browser/display key) and  prefixed numeric identifiers
>>>(rdf:ID  as browser/display key).
>>>We work around this, by not setting the xml lang attribute, resp.
>>>deleting it where set ( quick and dirty, I just delete "<rdfs:label
>>>xml:lang="en">" in the owl file ).
>>>Then the hierarchy will be displayed correctly by the class names not
>>>the ids, given you changed the browser key to be rdfs:label in the forms
>>>Is there a cleaner solution? Is this bug being fixed ?
>>>Best regards,
>>>              Daniel Schober.
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