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[protege-owl] New OWL project and associated ProjectView

Jan Zemánek jan.zemanek at
Tue Aug 7 13:12:52 PDT 2007

Hi all,

is there a way how to programmaticaly create a new OWL project with a
new ProjectView associated with it? I am using this:

List errors = new ArrayList();
URI uri = new URI("[here is the URI]");
JenaOWLModel jenaOwlModel = ProtegeOWL.createJenaOWLModelFromURI(uri);
Project owlProject = jenaOwlModel.getProject();
ProtegeOWL.initProject(owlProject, uri.toString(), FileUtils.langXML);
ProjectView proView = new ProjectView(owlProject);
WidgetDescriptor tabWidgetDescriptor =

but the thing is, that the resulting ".pprj" file cannot be loaded into
Protege though the project file looks fine and contains the desired setting:

([LinkedIDv3_%28versioned%29_ProjectKB_Instance_67] of  Widget

	(is_hidden FALSE)
	(property_list [LinkedIDv3_%28versioned%29_ProjectKB_Instance_68])
	(widget_class_name "edu.stanford.smi.protegex.owl.ui.cls.OWLClassesTab"))

([LinkedIDv3_%28versioned%29_ProjectKB_Instance_68] of  Property_List

But when I try to load the project into Protege I get this warning:

"WARNING: java.lang.NullPointerException --

The stack trace looks like:

WARNING: [Repository Manager] Could not find repository file:

INFO: Loading triples
INFO: Start processing ontology:
ger/versioned/LinkedIDv3_(versioned).rdf Time: Tue Aug 07 20:37:22 CEST 2007
INFO: [ProtegeOWLParser] Completed triple loading after 63 ms
INFO: [TripleChangePostProcessor] Completed lists after 0 ms
INFO: [TripleChangePostProcessor] Completed anonymous classes after 0 ms
INFO: [TripleChangePostProcessor] Completed deprecated classes after 0 ms
INFO: [TripleChangePostProcessor] Completed properties after 0 ms
INFO: [TripleChangePostProcessor] Completed named classes after 0 ms
INFO: ... Loading completed after 94 ms
WARNING: java.lang.NullPointerException -- ProjectPluginManager.afterShow()
Protege Wizards v1.0 beta build 14
Loaded OWL wizards library
INFO: Load time for
\LinkedIDv3_(versioned).pprj = 1 sec (project) + 0 sec (ui)

(I am using the latest Protege 3.3 release.)

Thanks for any tips,

Jan Zemánek
Digital Enterprise Research Institute
National University of Galway
Galway, Ireland

e: jan.zemanek at

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