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[protege-owl] FW: SWRL Racer problem

Trina Myers t.myers at
Thu Aug 30 15:16:04 PDT 2007

Sorry Samson,

It appeared the attachments went without the text, this is a resend

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From: Trina Myers [mailto:t.myers at] 
Sent: Thursday, 30 August 2007 4:51 PM
To: 'User support for the Protege-OWL editor'
Subject: RE: [protege-owl] SWRL Racer problem

Thank you Samson, 

Unfortunately this did not fix the problem.

As a test to show the problem I created 2 new (basic) owl files (attached),
one with 430 and one using 399. 

I set up the SWRL tab in both files and imported the SWRL URI's using the
activate button...The initial owl files were identical except for one line
in 430: "<owl:ObjectProperty
rdf:about=""/>" (I did try deleting
this to see if it was the problem but it made no difference). Also, at this
stage 'compute inferred types' works. 

The problems start when I create a rule, in this case I created an empty
rule in both (as I don't have and classes in either). As soon as I tested
the 'compute inferred' the 399 version was fine but the 430 version gave the
error DIG Reasoner Error: Undefined individual
name|swrlb:addDayTimeDurationToDateTime| in
ABox|[ID: swrlb:addDayTimeDurationToDateTime]  

I un-imported the query.owl to no effect.

I agree it seems to be a problem between Racer and the SWRL but I can not
see anything anomalous.
The DIG error messages change sometimes referring to the query.owl,
sometimes tbox or temporal, the errors seem to be arbitrary - for example,
the next attempt to do the same thing resulted in the error:
DIG Reasoner Error: Undefined individual name|tbox:isAnnotationProperty| in
ABox|[ID: tbox:isAnnotationProperty]

As soon as I un-import all SWRL ontologies the error messages stop...

I would be grateful for any help. 

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From: protege-owl-bounces at
[mailto:protege-owl-bounces at] On Behalf Of Samson Tu
Sent: Thursday, 30 August 2007 5:50 AM
To: protege-owl at
Subject: Re: [protege-owl] SWRL Racer problem

Hi Trina,

Martin is on vacation now.

The error message appears to say that there is some incompatibility between
RAcer and the SWRL query mechanism that Martin implemented. If you don't use
SWRL query, can you unimport query.owl and see whether it works?


Trina wrote:
> Hi Martin and everyone,
> In a previous post I reported a bug with Racer, SWRLtab and computing 
> inferred types. Inferring over the ontology is fine using 'compute 
> inferred types' until I initiate the SWRLtab. Then I get error messages
> DIG Reasoner Error: Undefined individual name|query:comumnNames|in 
> ABox |
>|[ID: query:columnNames] when computing 
> inferred types through Racer.
> I was wondering if you had heard any feedback from this bug report? It 
> has become a major problem as I can't continue with my research until 
> I can resolve why this is occurring. I though it might have been an 
> anomalous glitch in  414 but I have just tested it with the latest 
> version (430) and the same thing keeps occurring. I have used 3 
> different machines, I have downloaded RacerPro and Jess again and did a
clean install for both but still the errors happen.
> I can send a screenshot showing the problem. One such incident 
> happened after opeing a new project and creating 2 classes (no 
> restrictions, instances, etc), setting up the SWRLtab and activating 
> it. At this stage computing inferred types works fine, however, 
> anything after this ends in the error message (the screen shot shows a 
> simple rule is written but not yet sent to the Jess engine). I tried 
> it using the 'collabborativePizza' ontology supplied with version 430, 
> after deleting the classes that made it inconsistent I set up the 
> swrlTab and imported the SWRL ontologies...the error occurred as soon as I
tried to compute inferred types...
> I have an old version on one of the machines (399) and the errors do not
> Any suggestions or answers would be extremely appreciated!
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