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[protege-owl] Import ontologies and Visibility

Carmen Martinez carmenmtezcruz at
Fri Jan 4 06:06:02 PST 2008

Hello again,

thanks for  the fuctions you recommended me but, the first one: ProjectManager.getProjectManager().reloadUI(true) (its the one I need most), does not work properly. This fuction spends too much time in executing, and does unusual thigs. This function gives me problems of memory like: "java heap space", and it looks like it reloads all the plugins in order to visualize them, and in each plugin (in the command screen) shows and error like  java.lang.outofmemomryerror. After several minutes all the tabs are included in the application, but with a red icon. It has nonsense.

Do you know any fucntion, to reload only the clasess in the subclasses explorer.Or  Do you know what is the function that do the same action that when I check/uncheck the *Display Hidden Frames* checkbox?. The refresh that this operation does keeps stable the system and I need something like that.

Sorry for the inconveniences, and thanks a lots.


Tania Tudorache <tudorache at> escribió: Hi Carmen,

Carmen Martinez wrote:
> Hello!,
> I have imported an ontology programmatically when I load my new tab 
> plugin. And it works!, because I see the ontology in the metadata tab, 
> but, I do not see the classes in the classes explorer. I only see them 
> when I check the *Display Hidden Frames* checkbox. Then I can uncheck 
> the same checkbox, but my imported ontology is still there (in grey). 
> I have used the function 
> owlModel.getProject().setDisplayHiddenClasses(true) in order to do the 
> same; but it doesn't work, because it doesn't refresh the explorer. 
> Only when I uncheck the checkbox the window is refreshed.
> My question is; how can I put visible my imported ontology (in grey is 
> perfect) without doing this check/uncheck action? Is there any 
> function that let me refresh the classes explorer?.

After you do the import, call the method:


which will reload the whole UI and you will see the imported classes.

> And the last question is related to this problem because: My imported 
> ontology is read only because  I have imported using a real URI. Using 
> Protege I can instantiate my imported ontology, and save the instances 
> very well, but, programmatically, I can not instantiate the classes in 
> the same way. For example, when I do:
>           (My tableClass is a metaclass, is subclass of owl:Class)
>          OWLNamedClass tableClass = owlModel.getOWLNamedClass("Table");
>          OWLIndividual individual = 
> tableClass.createOWLIndividual("Table1");
>  As you know, Table1 must be a class too, because, is an instance of a 
> metaclass. But, when I execute these instructions, Table1, is created 
> (I can not see it due to the previous problem I have commented), but 
> not as a class!!. When I make visible the imported ontology, I can see 
> this instance, but only as an instance!!. However, it works perfect, 
> if I do it manually. Can anyone explain that?
> Isn´t protege interpreting the Table1 instance as  a class?

It is a class, and probably you see it in the Individuals Tab with the 
class icon, not with the individuals icon. What happenend, is that 
Table1 was created as a class, but it does not have owl:Thing as its 
superclass. There are two possible solutions:

1. You add owl:Thing as an explicit superclass, by calling:


2. Or better, create a class and then add as rdf:type the metaclass:

OWLClass table1 = owlModel.createOWLNamedClass("Table1");

I recommend solution 2.


> Thanks a lot,
> Carmen.
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