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[protege-owl] Loading an ontology from a String

Ralf Weinand weinanr at
Fri Jan 11 10:48:44 PST 2008


I want to use the protege-owl API (3.4 b125) to load an ontology
which is not serialized in a file but is sent via e.g. a SOAP message.

However, when I try to create the JenaOWLModel via

    sourceOwlModel = ProtegeOWL.createJenaOWLModelFromInputStream(new

I get the following error:

SEVERE: An error occurred at parsing the OWL ontology

   at line -1 and column -1.
   Jena parse error message: {E213} --

To simulate that the ontology was send as a string, I did initialize the
variable via:

sourceIndividual =
"<?xml version=\"1.0\"?> <rdf:RDF  xmlns:rdf=\"\"  xmlns:owl=\"\"  xmlns:xsd=\"\"  xmlns:rdfs=\"\"  xmlns=\"\"  xml:base=\"\">  <owl:Ontology rdf:about=\"\"/>
 <owl:Class rdf:ID=\"Address\">  <owl:equivalentClass>  <owl:Class>
 <owl:intersectionOf rdf:parseType=\"Collection\">  <owl:Restriction>
 <owl:onProperty>  <owl:FunctionalProperty rdf:ID=\"City\"/>
 </owl:onProperty>  <owl:cardinality rdf:datatype=\"\"  >1</owl:cardinality>
 </owl:Restriction>  <owl:Restriction>  <owl:onProperty>
 <owl:FunctionalProperty rdf:ID=\"firstName\"/>  </owl:onProperty>
 <owl:cardinality rdf:datatype=\"\"
 >1</owl:cardinality>  </owl:Restriction>  <owl:Restriction>
 <owl:onProperty>  <owl:FunctionalProperty rdf:ID=\"lastName\"/>
 </owl:onProperty>  <owl:cardinality rdf:datatype=\"\"  >1</owl:cardinality>
 </owl:Restriction>  </owl:intersectionOf>  </owl:Class>
 </owl:equivalentClass>  </owl:Class>  <owl:FunctionalProperty
rdf:about=\"#firstName\">  <rdfs:range rdf:resource=\"\"/>  <rdf:type rdf:resource=\"\"/>
 </owl:FunctionalProperty>  <owl:FunctionalProperty rdf:about=\"#lastName\">
 <rdf:type rdf:resource=\"\"/>
 <rdfs:range rdf:resource=\"\"/>
 </owl:FunctionalProperty>  <owl:FunctionalProperty rdf:about=\"#City\">
 <rdf:type rdf:resource=\"\"/>
 <rdfs:range rdf:resource=\"\"/>
 </owl:FunctionalProperty>  <Address rdf:ID=\"Address_1\">  <City
rdf:datatype=\"\"  >Berlin</City>
 <lastName rdf:datatype=\"\"
 >Smith</lastName>  <firstName rdf:datatype=\"\"  >John</firstName>  </Address>

I guess this is a repositoryManager-issue. Maybe someone can give me a hint
on how to handle such a case
where I don´t have a file/url to point at. Thanks a lot in advance!

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