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[protege-owl] How to express mandatory participation of B in R where are is a Datatype property.

Mariano Rodriguez rodriguez at
Wed May 21 02:23:52 PDT 2008

Hello everybody, this is about a general question which is affecting  
some parts of our project. Related to some possible bug in protege.

The objective is to be able to express mandatory participation of  
instances of a concept into a Datatype property.

That is, we want to say:

A \isa \exists U in DL		------ where U is a datatype property (a.k.a.,  
concept attribute, concrete domain role, etc)

Up to now, we have been doing it in protege 3.3.1 with the "asserted  
conditions" editor in the "class editor" in this way:

a) A \isa U some rdf:XMLLiteral

and would also like to be able to say:

b) A \isa U some xsd:string			

and similar (xsd:integer, etc)

The problem with a) is that the meaning of  rdf:XMLLiteral is not very  
clear in the OWL specification, can it be used as the domain that  
contains all concrete domain values? that is, does rdf:XMLLiteral  
subsumes xsd:string, xsd:integer, etc? If this is the case, then we  
have no problem, this is the meaning we want, if not... are there any  
other options?

The problem with b) is that it seems protege 3.3.1 doesnt allow you to  
say it, at least not in the "asserted conditions editor" in the "class  
editor". Is this a bug? is it intended for some reason?

We are about to start working on fixing inside protege's code in case  
it is a bug... before doing so I wanted to consult to check that we  
are not going in the wrong direction.

Thank you very much in advance everybody.

P.S. Note that what we want to say are not domain and range  
restrictions over U (which can be said with the domain and range  
editors in the "properties editor").


Mariano Rodriguez Muro
KRDB Research Center
Faculty of Computer Science
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB)
Piazza Domenicani, 3
I-39100 Bozen-Bolzano BZ, Italy

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