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[protege-owl] taxonomies, OWL-DL and Protégé

Tania Tudorache tudorache at
Fri May 23 17:35:45 PDT 2008

Hi Paul,

When I referred to a simple example, I was thinking like a concrete example.

Say you have a class hierarchy with the corresponding representative 

Class_1             --->  i1
 |__ Class_1_1   ---> i2
 |__ Class_1_2   ---> i3

As I understood, you want to add i2 as value of an annotation property p 
to Class_1. Is that right?

There are different solutions.

1. You make (temporarily) p to be an object annotation property, and 
then you click on the third icon of the annotations tab ("Add existing 
resource as value") and select the class you want (e.g. Class_1_1). In 
the right panel, you would see the only instance of Class_1_2, i2 - 
which is easy to select. The problem with this solution is that at the 
end, you would have to remove owl:ObjectProperty type from p (which can 
be done with a right-click on the property and then select "Remove 
rdf:type"). There are also other solutions to the last step, if you are 

2. It is quite easy to implement your own class/instances chooser, that 
could have any behavior you want. Of course, this means writing some 
lines of code.

3. Ideally, Protege would support better the adding of resource values 
to annotation properties.. Right now, you can easily add string as 
values, but it is harder to add individuals as values, as I described in 
sol.1. We would like to support this better, it is just a matter of 
finding the time to do it. Any help from the community would be very 

Did you take a look at the SKOS browser and editor for Protege 4? It can 
be downloaded from here:


Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> A simple example?
> Mmmh, an example of a taxonomy would be may something such as the 
> topics of  a given domain, say, the library of congress 
> classification... it's just a hierarchy.
> Now, if I have a class in my ontology that has properties that refer 
> to the "topics" in question, I'd refer to individuals that are of 
> class "topic".
> Do I have an easy way in Protégé to do:
> - transparent maintenance of "a representative by class" (we do this 
> manually)
> - easy choice when populating a property value in my topic
> thanks in advance
> paul
> Le 24-mai-08 à 00:50, Tania Tudorache a écrit :
>> Hi Paul,
>> I did not understand exactly what you mean. Can you give a simple 
>> example?
>> Thanks,
>> Tania
>> Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>>> Hello fellow Protégéers,
>>> it is a common-trick, I think, in order to encode taxonomies, that the
>>> class-hierarchy is used.
>>> If you want to do this in OWL-DL, with some properties having values
>>> into this taxonomy, you have to create (artificial) "representative"
>>> instances. Fair enough. That's easy to do.
>>> Now... when it comes to editing in Protégé, things aren't that
>>> elegant, because one has to choose the class then the instance...
>>> could there be a special form type (or option) to edit "taxonomy
>>> values" that is only have to choose among the hierarchy (of classes)
>>> but actually choose the (single) instance?
>>> I guess it'd help editing such as SKOS.
>>> thanks for hints
>>> paul
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