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[protege-owl] Best of Breed OWL API

Nick Khamis symack at
Wed Mar 25 06:57:06 PDT 2009

Hello Everyone.

Just to summarize this thread, and this information may be useful for

When talking about creating an OWL-DL ontology editing application using
java code and an Ontology API to help do so we have:

Link                                                           Desc
The OWL API    
Protege API      

Jeremy you brought up the comment that Jena was designed more for analysis
type applications as opposed to ontology editing applications. From the
little that I have experimented (jena java code examples) I saw that Jena
could be a good candidate for use as an API for an ontology editing
application? I put a question mark because I would like your expert
elaboration on this please.

We also have a different option as brought up by Scott. Using TBC's API to
edit ontologies using SPARQLMotion and web services (interesting take).

We talked a little about how to integrate the reasoning services, into an
ontology editing application... Atanas mentioned DIG and also pointed out
how we could have "shallow" inferencing when using DIG. I did experiment and
read up on DIG and also agree that is not a good idea, furthermore; the
ontology editing application will reside on the same server as the reasoner
making less need for using DIG.... That being said what are your takes on
how to integrate reasoning services using java code and (new topic :) a
"Reasoning Services API".
If I remember correctly TBC uses DIG for pellet and other reasoners that we
may want to add, the new version of Protege stopped using DIG for reasoning
services the last time I looked.

I should have originally included the Protege team into the conversation, it
would have been delightful to have your input on the issue. So as you know
we discussed APIs to use for :
1) Editing Ontologies (OWL-DL)
2) Inferencing services using OWL-DL reasoners Pellet, etc. <not through

What I was going to discuss now was solutions for storing the ontologies (in
a DB), as brought up by Kendall from the Protege team pelletDB sounds
interesting.  As you all know the pin that broke the camels back was loading
a 140 owl file into memory to work with (not fun)... So what options do we
have for efficient means of storing an ontology, I have also heard about but
never looked into Jena's (JenaDB and SDB)


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 9:19 AM, Kendall Clark <kendall at>wrote:

> Nick,
> Just read the thread on protege-owl you started about OWL APIs and OWL
> DL reasoners, etc. As you may know, Pellet is certainly worth
> considering -- -- for these kinds of
> tasks, since it's a sound and complete OWL DL reasoner with OWLAPI and
> Jena API support. It's also already supporting most of OWL 2, etc.
> It's also got several features found in no other OWL reasoner,
> including incremental reasoning, explanations, SPARQL-DL query
> evaluation, etc.
> We will soon announce the first beta release of PelletDb, which
> integrates Pellet with Oracle's RDF/OWL system.
> And on Monday we'll release the first beta of our Integrity Constraint
> validation system, which makes OWL, OWL 2, and SWRL full expressivity
> available as a data validation and schema language, i.e., closed world
> reasoning -- with very good, database-like performance.
> I'd be happy to talk with you about yr use cases and requirements.
> Cheers,
> Kendall
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