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[protege-owl] Inference of class type based on keyword andModeling data types

Saiprasad, Sundar Sundar_Saiprasad at
Sat Jan 2 01:06:36 PST 2010

Thanks Thomas R. 
Equivalence or the reverse action is good. That worked. Regarding Thomas
S's point , I had responded as to why I need to model it this way. Here
is the note


Thanks a ton for your response. My use case is a bit unique. The animal
example is an analogy for my actual use case and let me try to explain
it better. I will get a unique URI for an individual and a bunch of
keywords as input.  These keywords can be something like "Lion" ,
"Brown" , "500Kg" etc. I will get a bunch of keywords for each
individual. There can be many individuals. The keywords are available as
"hasKeyword" property from the individual.

I have a base class called Animal in my ontology and assume that the
first individual that I get as input has the URI urn:animal1234. I know
for sure that urn:annimal1234 is of type test:Animal. Every individual
is of type test:Animal.  There are subclasses of Animal like Carnivore ,
BrownAnimals , HeavyAnimals etc. Based on the keywords that I get for
each individual , each individual becomes a member of these subclasses
too. Your point is very valid. I can create something like the following

Test:CarnivoreText owl:equivalent [ a owl:Restriction ;
                                  Owl:onProperty  Test:hasKeyword ;
                                  Owl:hasValue "Lion" ]

Test:CarnivoreText rdfs:subclassof Test:Carnivore

This would mean if I get a keyword Lion for the individual , it will
also infer that the individual is a subclass of Carnivore.

Similar associations can be created for BrownAnimals and other classes

I would like to know if there is a way to list a bunch of keywords that
I can have as an enumerated datatype and if one of it matches , then the
class association is made. 

Basically , I don't want my application to code these rules and make the
associations. I want to express it in the data itself


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andModeling data types

On Dec 29, 2009, at 3:24 AM, Thomas Schneider wrote:

> Hi Sundar,
> On 29 Dec 2009, at 11:11, Saiprasad, Sundar wrote:
>> Hi
>> This is what I want to achieve
>> Assume I have the following defined
>> Test:Animal rdf:type owl:Class
>> Test:hasKeyword rdf:type owl:DatatypeProperty
>> Test:hasKeyword rdf:domain Test:Animal
>> Test:hasKeyword rdf:range  xsd:string
>> Test:Carnivore  rdfs:subclassof Test:Animal
>> Test:Carnivore rdfs:subClassOf [ a owl:Restriction ;
>>                                 Owl:onProperty  Test:hasKeyword ;
>>                                 Owl:hasValue "Lion" ]
> Please note that your last statement says: "everything that is a  
> carnivore has a keyword 'Lion'".
>> Now if I have the following instance
>> Test:animal1234  rdf:type Test:Animal
>> Test:animal1234  Test:hasKeyword  "Lion"
>> I would like to infer Test:animal1234 rdf:type Test:Carnivore.  
>> This didn't work for me. Am I missing something?
> This only works if the above statement is the other way round:  
> "everything that has a keyword 'Lion' is a carnivore".

So, you need to reverse the action.

Also, one often creates necessary and sufficient conditions by using  
"equivalent classes".  And you can accomplish that by using   
owl:equivalentClass instead of rdfs:subClassOf to relate the  
restriction to the class name.

But Thomas Schneider has a good point about just using the class  
structure itself instead of adding the keywords and using them to  
encode the class name as a string.

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