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[protege-owl] Insane Java preferences directory names

Christoph LANGE ch.lange at
Fri Jan 15 14:55:30 PST 2010

Dear Protégé developers,

  I wanted to get rid of the configuration of an old Protégé version and,
before reading, I discovered
the ~/.java/.userPrefs directory myself.  (I'm on 64-bit Linux.)  Now with the
recommended jpui tool it looks all nice, but in the filesystem the directories
have completely ridiculous names (see below).  Other Java tools that I'm using
(maybe using a different version of the Java Preferences API) have sane
directory names.  Is there possibly a way of also chosing sane names for
Protégé?  I suppose it is related to some character encoding/escaping issue.
Sure, I _could_ use jpui, but one of the reasons why I prefer Linux over
Windows is that I hate regedit ;-)

Cheers, and thanks in advance,


Here is the directory tree:

├── _!%%!^g"<!%8!_!""!&@!]@">!%4!|w"@!&)![@"'!&:!|w"^!%`!_!==
│   └── _!%g!]@"%!%@![@"<!&8!@@"<!%4!^w""!&@!]@">!%4!`w"f!&`!`g",!&:=
├── _!'%!c!"w!'w!a@"j!'%!d!"p!'8!bg"f!(!!cg"l!'}!~@"y!'`!bg"j!'`!cw==
│   ├── ET
│   ├── OntologyPreferences
│   ├── ViewLayoutPreferences
│   ├── XMLWriterPrefs
│   ├── _!%w!^w">!%s!|w""!%4![!"f!%}![@"&!%w!|w".!%`!{@==
│   ├── _!%}!]@":!%`!|w"@!&)![@"'!%`!`g"&!%4!@w"&!&:!|w".!%`!{@==
│   ├── _!&@!`g"&!%`!|w"@!&)![@"'!%`!`g"&!%4!@w"&!&:=
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!(@!bw"y!#4!bw"3!'w!.g"l!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!(@!bw"y!#4!}w"v!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!(@!bw"y!#4!}w"v!()!~@!u!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!(@!bw"y!#4!}w"v!()!~@!u!
│   ├── _!'8!cg"n!#4!c!"y!'8!d!"l!'c!~@!u!'`!~!"p!(@!bw"y!#4!}w"v!()!~@!u!
│   ├── _!':!d@"z!(@!bw"t!&8!d!"h!')!cw==
│   ├── _!(`!aw!u!'%!}w!u!'0!}@"u!#4!}w"z!#4!b@"p!'c!.g"j!'8!bw"k!'`!.g"v!
│   └── tabs
│       └── _!(}!a@"z!'k!}g"s!'`!|w"0!'%!}g"z
└── _!(`!aw!u!'%!}w!u!'0!}@"u!#4!}w"z!#4!b@"p!'c!.g"j!'8!bw"k!'`!.g"v!
    └── OWLVizPrefs

Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen,, Skype duke4701
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